When a chill runs between partners, and intimacy becomes less and less, thoughts come to mind about the presence of a serious problem. Women begin to engage in soul-searching, and men stay longer at the TV and fall asleep alone on the couch. There are times when one of you really has problems with health, at work and so on. Then you may need the help of a specialist and a manifestation of sensitivity from the second half.


But in most moments, stimulants and serious drugs are not needed. The matter turns out to be a misunderstanding of the mood of the partner and a loss of interest in him. And the less sex becomes in your life together, the more you get used to doing without it and stop experiencing strong attraction. We offer you to try life hacks, how you can save the day.

Create a wishlist

Who said that an organized intimate life is boring and monotonous? And the sex planned on Wednesdays and Saturdays completely kills the effect of surprise and lust? We suggest trying a non-obvious way to improve your sex life – to streamline your preferences a little. Make a list of your Wishlist and return to it at any time to choose something interesting.


There you can include any fantasies, interests, unusual poses for couples who have been together for a long time. For example, sex in the pool, all the poses from the Kamasutra, etc. And plan to complete a few items for the next month. Of course, this does not mean to cross out the very principle of spontaneity from your union. Rather, add spontaneous lovemaking to your sheet in red, without indicating dates and days of the week.

The point is that not everyone likes surprises in this regard. It is pleasant and useful for girls (and even men) to prepare for an erotic date, wait for it to come and tune in to the right wave. Let sex be included in the list of important things, then it will definitely not shift to the backyard and remain among the priorities.


Explore the topic

It is always useful to learn more about the possibilities of your body and new sexual practices. Knowledge about how to improve your sex life in marriage can be gleaned from the Internet and real sex courses. It would be a desire, it is quite easy to implement.


Intimate communication is not just a couple of kisses and a change of several positions. These are touches, caresses and contact, in which all the senses are involved and even more. Massage, role-playing, changing locations and toys – all this can diversify and decorate your relationship.

Take care of yourself sexually

It’s not just about pursuing orgasm or improving your self-pleasure skills, it’s also about the hygiene and health of the bottom floor. You can improve your sex life, both in relationships with a man and in solo performance, by pumping intimate muscles.


Kegel exercises increase the quality of sex and libido in general. Your crotch tricks that you learn will be able to drive a guy crazy. You can start training by squeezing the muscles for 10 seconds, relaxing and repeating up to ten times.

Don’t judge anyone

A figure or a way of life is not a reason for condemnation, especially for expressing an opinion aloud. Judgment has a bad effect on your own self-esteem. If it seems to you that a friend changes men too often, remember that this is her own business. And let her not be your adviser on how to improve your sex life with your husband. Yes, she can share experience and opinion, but it is not necessary to follow it.

Whatever stories you’ve been told about mind-blowing orgasms or sexual empowerment, things might be different for you. And this is absolutely normal. Get high from your relationship, not from someone else’s.


Take a break from the screen

Many people have time to flip through social networks and even respond to comments right during intercourse! Even if a man is frantically looking at this moment for an answer to the question of how to improve his sex life with his wife, this does not justify him.

And if you yourself took up watching the tape of events, then something in your bed is definitely going wrong. Think about how much of the pleasure you deprive yourself of by distracting from the process. It is a mistake to think that only a man should try and light. The response of each of the partners is important and must be demonstrated.

By the way, gadgets are often a much deeper root of evil than it seems at first glance. For some reason, the forces to look at the phone until midnight are always there, but on sex – no.



Meanwhile, our sex drive is supported by the hormone testosterone, which is produced during sleep. Regular lack of sleep results in chronic fatigue. Having reached his beloved bed, he obviously does not pull to make love, he just wants to pass out without hind legs. There is no place for phones in the bedroom.

Talk to him about sex

It is very important to understand what each of you wants in bed. It will not work to improve intimate life otherwise than to discuss this moment. Maximum revelation and openness in your own interests with your partner.

This way you get a lot more out of the same movements. The main thing is not to make fun of his fantasies and suggestions and do not let them make fun of your own. Even if they look ridiculous or stupid, how do you know how it will affect you until you try it.


Remove everything from the bedroom

Sometimes a messy bedroom is the reason why you don’t really want to spend time there. Again and again looking at a pile of things, you begin to self-flagellate that there was not enough time to clean up. This only makes the mood worse. So, it’s time to disassemble everything, preferably quickly and together. And create a good environment.

You can buy new bedding and curtains, light candles, drink wine (just a little for liberation), turn on pleasant music – whatever your fantasy tells you.

Poses with elements of light BDSM

Maybe today she will whisper to you to slowly undress in front of him to a romantic tune, and tomorrow surprise him with an unusual foreplay, when power passes into your hands.


Spend more time together

It will be possible to improve the quality of sexual life with the help of a kind and caring attitude towards each other. You can have dinner not at different ends of the table, but nearby. And before that, prepare simple meals together, since you both returned from work. Watching the series is better in an embrace. The more often you touch, the more you will want sex, especially if you have been together for a long time and the ardor has faded a little.