How to improve sex?

how to improve sex

Many couples eventually find that lovemaking becomes boring and monotonous. In order to improve and diversify married life, you need to constantly learn new information and apply knowledge in practice, and, of course, reciprocity is important.

How to improve the quality of sex?

In this article, we offer you practical advice on how to improve sex in your marriage if your sex life seems uninteresting to you.

  1. Everyone, without exception, knows that quality sex is good for health. Making love relieves headaches, increases immunity, so it is important to devote attention and time to your intimate life at least once a week.
  2. Before making love, tune in to the appropriate mood – take a relaxing bath with your partner, arrange a romantic dinner, which already implies a spicy continuation.
  3. Reduce your time in front of the computer and TV, it has a bad effect on sexual desire. Therefore, try to remove the “third superfluous” from your bedroom.
  4. Exercise your pelvic muscles in your free time, do simple exercises every day – these exercises will help achieve orgasm.
  5. Many women are concerned about the question of how to improve sex with her husband. First, explore your erogenous zones to increase your sensuality, and also pay attention to your partner’s body. how to improve sex with husbandPay attention to your health, because unpleasant symptoms can overshadow the pleasure of sex.
  6. Feel free to change positions and “places of deployment” more often.
  7. Eat fruits, especially bananas. Bananas contain a large amount of vitamins, which improves blood flow to the genitals.
  8. Do not discuss your bed with others, even with your closest friends.
  9. Feel free to talk about sex with your man, because he is the closest person to you.

Following these simple rules, you will notice how easy it is to diversify your sex life and get vivid impressions. And remember that sex keeps you young and prolongs your life.