1. “Rider”

Many women love this position for the ability to control the angle of penetration and speed. To get the most out of this position, kneel, lean forward, and then move back and forth slowly and gently. Then you will not only get excellent stimulation of the clitoris without any effort, but also, perhaps, you will find the mysterious G-spot. Increase the speed gradually, focusing on your feelings. Another option is to put a vibrating ring on your partner’s penis. It will definitely add variety to your classes!

2. “Doggy style”

When he enters from behind, he manages to penetrate deep and cling to you with all, shall we say, assertiveness. In addition, he can reach the clitoris (as, indeed, you yourself). For a change, place a couple of pillows under your belly and keep your legs extended rather than kneeling.


This pose seems perfect from all angles, but it can be improved: lie on your side and interlace your legs. Now no one will get tired, and the process itself will become a little easier. Another life hack – take a vibrator.

4. “Spoons”

Another great position in which you can reach all the interesting places of your partner. Blindfold yourself and him, feel how the reaction of other senses intensifies, at the same time you will not be distracted by the color of the walls. You can also take his hand and run it across your chest!

5. Missionary

No need to discount it, it also has a lot of pleasant things. Place a pillow under your buttocks to change the angle of penetration. Bring your feet together to enhance the sensations. And then the process will go on knurled!