Girls like self-confident men, but a clear pressure can scare them away. Approaching the lady you like, with whom a romantic relationship is established, with the words “I want you” is not very reasonable. She may not be ready for such an onslaught that the guy risks ruining everything. Getting the consent of the chosen one for sexual intercourse is quite realistic if you approach the cherished goal gradually and follow simple tips.


How to hint a girl for sex

Being open and honest in a relationship doesn’t mean being rude. Although the knights are in the distant past, tact and upbringing are still honored. Therefore, there are beautiful ways to hint at sex to a girl, but we’ll explain how now.

Qualities of a Desired Lover

Men are pleasant, cheerful and strong creatures. They joke funny even on the most vulgar topics (and we always sincerely laugh!), They can easily rearrange the sofa with one hand, which would take all our physical strength. Well, how can you not admire?

But all this looks more like a characterization of a great friend, but not a lover. Nevertheless, a little more is required from a man with whom a girl is ready to build relationships, to enter into a sexual life. Protection, security, confidence in him and his desires. And she expects from him a delicate approach in an intimate way. So that he would guess how to hint to a girl about sex, and not wave a saber and go with his chest to the embrasure, like a savage. Even if she wants it too.


How to hint a guy for sex

And this is really necessary for any girl so that she can relax and enjoy sex with a particular man. And those young ladies who do not need protection and patronage do not need hints either. In fact, they do not need anything other than a fun pastime.

Proper conversation

Agree, it always touches when a man rolls his eyes dreamily and says: “I love it when a woman is all such a fine fellow: she will give a blowjob, and on top for three hours without getting tired, she will curl up like a pretzel at the moment of ecstasy, stretching one boob into her hand and the other into her mouth . And then he’ll scratch his back and let him sleep without talking. ” Not a woman – a dream! True, after such fantasies, I want to send the boy to all four directions so that he looks for this girl. Well, if he finds it for free.



Any woman, like a man, always wants to find a man with whom she will feel good. They are fed up with tactless vulgarity. Knowing how to achieve her location, the guy will be able to gently hint the girl at the first sex.

And if you feel good, then you will not remain in debt either. A woman will want to give a man everything he dreams of, but with one condition: she is better with him than with anyone else. These are not market relations, this is ordinary physiology.

Rules for a subtle tackle: how to hint to a girl that you want sex

Since men are easier than ladies to understand instructions, we tried to make something like a specific list. It is a step-by-step instruction for mastering the technique of seducing a girl. With her help, it will become obvious to you how to hint a woman for sex.


Tell what you can give to a person. Of course, here we are talking not only about sex, but still. Why on earth does a person put demands on another, what does he, wonderful, need to get? To become a better lover, you need not to receive, but to give. How to subtly hint a girl for sex? Tell your beloved about your values ​​in intimacy: how important the female orgasm is, how wonderful it is to create physical warmth even before sex and keep it after.

Respect the position of the girl. Once, some idiot told me that a woman’s refusal is consent, and consent is consent. Feeling as if women have no choice: to sleep with a man or not to sleep. Of course, sleep! The male is already shouting with all his agility: “I want sex and this is not a hint.” Woman, what are your thoughts? Look, you already have two cats, the process is running.


If a lady says “no” to a man and throws herself at a knife, it really means “no”. If she laughs and says “we’ll see,” she wants the man to act. Not violence, God forbid, but action. So that she herself would like to give herself to a man and curl up with the same pretzel. It is so simple. It is in the power of a guy to hint to a girl to have sex and look at the reaction: she is flirting or categorical in her decision.

Give compliments. Sincere, of course! If a man considers a girl an absolute fool, you should not tell her about her exceptional mind. In general, why are men a fool? But that’s another matter. When a man is in love, we firmly believe in it, he has something to tell: how she smiles, how kind she is, how bright and pure she is. How damn sexy and hot she is, after all! A laudatory ode should be genuine and this is a very transparent allusion to sex for a girl.



Awaken fantasy. Women themselves are subject to fantasies (not to be confused with a fairy tale). We love to think, to think, to think. “Head in the clouds” is a natural and pleasant female state! And men should cut the obvious thing on their noses. The more he is associated in the girl’s head with something positive, useful and joyful, the higher his chances of smoking one at a time after an orgasm.

Chat with her. Perhaps, if a guy is very shy, he can turn to another tool than a personal conversation. We offer an affordable option on how to hint a girl about sex in correspondence. Write competently, use emoticons, intrigue, test the soil. Research shows us (and you too, if you use this information correctly) that young people actively use the emoji language for communication, including when talking about sex.


You should not invent combinations of finger icons and a circle imitating the entry of your dirty hands into the vagina – this is rude and vulgar. There are smarter phrases and pictures that allow you to hint to a girl about sex via SMS. Better show her all your awareness on an intimate topic, especially about security. She does not need to bring certificates from the dispensary, but to show that you are a prudent man is an important mission. That’s all – the key to your success.

Let’s make a reservation right away that if a guy does not have plans for a serious and long-term relationship, it is better to specify this in advance. You should not let a woman frankly understand that she is being used, or act so silently (a lower act is difficult to imagine). You can hint a girl to have sex without obligations in correspondence. Who knows, maybe in front of you is a loner who needs an urgent release. In the worst case, you face a virtual slap in the face, but it will be more honest.


Create an atmosphere. Not in the sense of “stock up on candles and fireworks.” But, for example, choose a cafe with an intimate atmosphere: twilight, few visitors, sweet desserts. In such a place, you will want to relax, chat and … kiss. And then just pull the bait – the fish is already on the hook.


Pick a time. In general, everything is very cynical: your sex with her largely depends on … the menstrual cycle. Yes, yes, those most terrible “these days”. And a few more days before menstruation, a woman doesn’t have a desire to have sex, sometimes she doesn’t want to live.

At this moment, it is better to shower her with milk chocolate and carefully cover her with a warm blanket (this is even more intimate than sex). And wait for ovulation. With such a reverent attitude, the guy probably shines a lot, because women are very grateful, including in bed. Having received what you want, you will wonder how to hint the girl for anal sex (the sequence of actions is the same). Just believe, this is the most successful period for your exploits and hints, a woman is subconsciously ready for carnal pleasures. All you need is to be there.