How to have sex at home?

How to have sex at home

Usually, the question of how to have sex at home is only for the youngest and most inexperienced. So many fears, doubts, obstacles…. In fact, there are practically no wisdom in having sex at home, especially when compared with sex in a car or in nature.

How to have sex at home?

Ideally, for home sex and similar pleasures at home, you need to create at least a minimum of conditions. However, if you really want to, then these formalities may not be needed.

  1. You must be together. Especially at first, this is extremely important, and sexual intercourse interrupted due to the fact that someone entered the room is a dubious pleasure.
  2. It is best to turn on relaxing, or vice versa, invigorating music – to your taste.
  3. It is worth thinking about protection in advance and doing everything to ensure that this contact is safe in every sense.
  4. Proper sex at home takes place on the bed, but this rule is only relevant for beginners.
  5. Before sex, it is best to take a shower – this is for your own self-confidence.

If you are just beginning to comprehend such adult pleasures, it will certainly be difficult for you to relax. Therefore, it is very good if you have a pleasant romantic dinner before the contact itself, which will set you in the right mood.

Where to have sex at home?

As a rule, beginners imagine sex only on the bed. However, in fact, you can use almost any piece of furniture for this. Plenty of options:

  • in the bathroom;
  • standing under the shower;
  • on the windowsill (for extreme people);
  • on a coffee table;
  • on the dining table;
  • on the armchair;
  • on a washing machine;
  • on the pedestal;
  • in the closet (for those who want new sensations);
  • on the carpet, if it does not have a hard pile;
  • on the sofa;
  • on the chair;
  • on a swivel computer chair;
  • on the puff...

The list can be long. There is only one conclusion - you can use different places for sex, and all this will be variety and innovation.

Sex games at home

Having sex at home is also convenient from the point of view that you can practice various role-playing games. The most common motifs have long been possible to "personalize" by buying the appropriate costume in a sex shop. Popular are:

  • maid costume;
  • stewardess suit, conductor;
  • secretary suit;
  • schoolgirl costume;
  • costume of a nurse, doctor;
  • bunny costume, kitty, etc.

Not every couple can practice such games due to the stiffness of one of the partners, so first discuss all the details.

anal sex at home

Anal penetration, especially for the first time, should certainly be done at home, as it is most convenient. There is an affordable bathroom that will need baths at the end, and even if an unpleasant incident happens to you, the consequences will be much easier to eliminate. How to prepare for such sex?

  1. If you have diarrhea, hemorrhoids, anal fissure or constipation - give up this idea until you are fully recovered. The consequences can be the most unpleasant.
  2. First of all, buy good anal lube and condoms. You shouldn't start without this.
  3. sex games at home

  4. 3-5 hours before the act, it is worth doing a small cleansing enema.
  5. Ideally, before the introduction of the penis, you should get used to the partner's fingers or purchase a special anal plug.
  6. You need to start the process very carefully, completely relaxed. For the first time, it is better to enter the penis not completely, but only the head.

Using these rules, you can get maximum pleasure from anal sex and a minimum of harm. Remember that such sex should be done no more than 1 time in 1-2 months, then it will not lead to negative consequences such as rectal prolapse, etc.