Eliminating ridiculous prejudices, we have collected 8 scientifically based tips on what and how to do so that your attempt to get pregnant is successful as soon as possible.


1. Get aroused before sex

The number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate increases along with the increase in the level of arousal of a man. So not only you need a thorough prelude: the more you warm it up, the more chances!

2. Do it from behind

Let him enter you from behind while you lie on your stomach or side. This position allows the penis to penetrate closer to the back of the cervix and helps bring the sperm closer to its destination.

3. Do it in a knee-elbow pose.

The knee-elbow position pretty much guarantees deep penetration, which helps the sperm get even closer to the egg.

4. The main thing is lying down

Because in a standing position, gravity interferes with the natural flow of sperm, and therefore, it will be much more difficult to get pregnant.


5. And not from above

Just like standing up, in the equestrian position, gravity works against you. There is no need to complicate the task of spermatozoa.

6. Better at missionary

The classic position is considered one of the best for conception because when you lie on your back, the vagina is tilted down towards the cervix, which is ideal for sperm penetration.

7. Lie on your back after sex

Lying on your back for 5 to 10 minutes increases your chances of getting pregnant because it helps the sperm get into the cervix.

8. Be on the same wavelength

Make sure you’re both in a great mood and excited enough. Consider it not as a tedious job of conceiving, but above all as a pleasure!