Few people want to have the same sex every time. People, like bonobo monkeys, strive for diversity. Anal sex is included in a more or less standard “sex package”, but not everyone likes it, and whether girls get an orgasm from anal sex depends on a number of factors. And that’s completely normal.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

What is an anal orgasm and how does it occur

The clitoris is shaped like a fork, and for many women, the “prongs” of this “fork” reach the anus, so that during anal caress, the partner also stimulates the legs of the clitoris – this is why women get anal orgasm.


Now more about orgasm – after all, whatever one may say, for the sake of it, everything is started. Do girls get anal orgasms? Can a man have an anal orgasm? The first thing you need to know is that yes, it is possible to get an orgasm from anal sex for both men and women. Women are more likely to climax when there is indirect stimulation of the G-zone through penetration, through the wall that separates the vagina from the rectum.

Not only the G-spot: the erogenous zones of a woman, secret and explicit

In addition to the well-known G-zone, there is also the “deep zone” – an as yet insufficiently studied point, which is located in the deepest part of the vagina, right in front of the uterus. This zone is very sensitive in some women, and you can get an anal orgasm when it is stimulated brighter.



But, of course, the question of interest to many, whether a woman gets an orgasm during anal sex, did not appear by chance. Unfortunately, it is not available to some percentage of us due to individual characteristics. But even in this case, you can get if not physical, then emotional pleasure.

How to get an anal orgasm for a man? They also have a “button” for this – the prostate or the prostate gland. Touching her brings men simply untold pleasure. If you have enough trusting relationships and have a desire to experiment, offer him this idea. This is a good way to get an anal orgasm for a guy, and some men believe that it is the orgasm from prostate massage that is much brighter and stronger.


Finally, let’s look at how to get an anal orgasm on your own. To do this, there are a large number of toys – butt plugs, vibrators and dildos. Find out for yourself what kind of stimulation is preferable for you and why you get an orgasm from anal sex, and experiment with toys with pleasure.


How to get an anal orgasm guaranteed: 10 simple rules

Follow these rules on how to get an orgasm from anal sex, and get real pleasure from a variety of intimate life.

  1. So slow. Yes, anal sex is not something you do during a short 15-minute break. It requires a serious approach and preparation – these are important steps on the way to how to get an anal orgasm for a woman. It might even make sense to schedule anal sex.
  2. Use a lubricant. Lots of lubricant. And a little more. Honestly, more is better than less. You can try warming or, on the contrary, cooling lubricants, just remember to test them on less sensitive places first. Is it possible to have an anal orgasm without lubricant? It’s not even worth trying.
  3. Soft massage. One of the best ways to relax is a massage. Yes, including sphincter massage. Let your partner gently stroke the ring of the anus with his finger – when you relax, he can penetrate a shallow finger inside, but not too softly and intensively. Unobtrusive stimulation of the sphincter as preparation is one of the important steps in how to get an anal orgasm for a girl.
  4. Anilingus. This is a type of oral sex in which one of the partners stimulates the anal passage of the other with the tongue. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus, so even if it seems “fu-nasty” to you, for many it really delivers far from only psychological pleasure and can be one of the easiest ways to get an anal orgasm. Here you can read more about the intricacies of rimming or “other oral sex”.
  5. Start with sex toys. There is no need to start anal sex with a dick in you. Honestly, none of you will get pleasure. Start by massaging with your finger or a small butt plug. And if you find yourself sensitive to such stimulation, then the toy can be a way to quickly get an anal orgasm.
  6. Clitoris. And still, everything revolves around him – a woman gets an orgasm from anal sex is much brighter and more intense if the clitoris is additionally stimulated in the process.
  7. Forget sterility and relax. Yes, anal sex can be… dirty. Is it possible to get an orgasm from anal sex if you constantly worry about it? Perhaps not, so this nuance should simply be taken for granted. Both you and he must be prepared for this, so do not forget to use a condom.
  8. One way. In addition to thinking about how to get an anal orgasm, there is another important thing that should not be forgotten. It’s amazing how many guys don’t know that once you’ve had anal sex, you can’t go back to vaginal sex. Remind him of this.
  9. Double penetration. Try a simplified version of double penetration: when his cock is in your vagina, and your fingers are shallowly immersed in the anus. A little later, you can change the disposition. The sensations will be so vivid that the question of whether women get anal orgasms will no longer arise.
  10. Forget about all the “I’ll be patient.” You’re not doing it for someone else, you’re having sex for pleasure and to please your partner, in that order, not the other way around. Always speak up if you experience any discomfort – any woman who has had an anal orgasm will tell you about it. A forum where both experienced people and those who are just trying to experiment are expressing their opinion will also probably try to convey to you the idea that the main thing is not to endure discomfort.

We have given you the most basic knowledge of how to get an orgasm from anal sex, and we hope that you will take our advice to heart.