For sex to bring maximum pleasure, do not forget about erotic games. Foreplay before sex together can be very diverse and, of course, is not limited to kissing and stroking. We suggest what you can do to warm yourself up before the main action.

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Sex games for foreplay: what they are

When choosing a game for foreplay, it is important to understand what exactly you enjoy the most and what your couple has not tried yet. Foreplay is a game that does not come down to physical contact, all the salt is in emotions and the resulting sexual tension. Here are some ideas you and your partner can try.


Compliments and obscenities

The easiest sex game that you can get started without even touching each other. Tell him in detail how you like his body and its specific parts, focusing on the most important one. Do not be shy in expressions – this is the very case when you can and should be completely liberated. Life hack: if you whisper all these compliments and obscenities into your ear, touching it with your lips, the effect will triple.

Taboos and prohibitions

Nothing excites like inaccessibility. For example, a partner can touch any part of your body except for your chest – what do you think he will dream about all this time? Or a little differently: he can caress you everywhere, but not with his hands – he will use his lips and tongue. Of course, these bans will be temporary, because these are just games for foreplay.



New erogenous zones

Engaging non-obvious erogenous zones is a fairly simple sex game. The couple, for whom foreplay is a common thing, must have tried something similar. Petting the ear, biting the earlobes, kissing and gently massaging the male nipples are some of the ideas. Some men are crazy when their belly buttons are caressed. Another non-banal idea is to massage the foot and, in a separate way, the big toe.

Use more than just your hands

If your hairstyle allows, run your hair over his bare belly and let him run his hands through your hair. Connect your lips and tongue to the sexual game. If the foreplay has gone far enough, there is such a hot trick – to place his cock in the hollow between the breasts. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, it turns you on by itself.


Try role playing

For a full-fledged role-playing game, of course, you need to prepare in advance – for example, pick up costumes and other sex equipment. But the simplest elements can be easily used in foreplay games. For example, a playful phrase: “Who was the bad boy today?” may spur arousal, or he may spank you on the buttocks for “lessons not learned.”

Rules of the prelude game for two

The Three Minute Foreplay Game was developed by life coach Harry Faddis and is an exercise for two or more people to ask each other two very simple questions: “How do you want me to touch you for three minutes?” and “How do you want to touch me for three minutes?” This simple and clear structure of the exercise, although it seems primitive, will actually help you make many discoveries about your own sexuality.


This sex game for two is based on mutual desire, trust and the intention to establish interaction. It originates from tantric practices, and its idea is to teach sexual partners to give frank direct consent to sexual activities that will be performed with them.

How to play the three minute sex game?

We do not recommend starting this foreplay game with touching the genitals. We don’t recommend starting sex like this either, because sexual touch is not equal to direct exposure to a penis or vagina. Start by letting the other person invite you to touch him, and give exactly what he asks for: no more, no less. If you understand that you do not like what you asked, just say “no” or “stop”.



A simple version of this sex game involves a person directly addressing their partner, but its goal is not only to find out which touches are more pleasant, but also which role is closer: active and passive.

Foreplay Games: Role Reversal

If you “give” touches more often than you receive, maybe it’s because you are trying to please others, you are an eternal savior. Listen to yourself and answer the question, why are you more comfortable in this particular role? The answer “I feel better this way” (if it is honest) is a good answer, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving an exclusively active role in sex. The foreplay game will help you figure it out. And it is important that you do it at the call of your heart, and not just to do good to another person.


The same applies to the passive role. It’s great if you both like it when you don’t show much initiative in sexual play, but try to understand if you are too greedy and selfish in these manifestations of yours? Or maybe you’re just afraid to act more decisively?

Change roles and make discoveries. But if you feel uncomfortable with this foreplay game, or you don’t like the proposal made by your counterpart, it’s okay to stop, tell each other what went wrong and change the rules. It’s not an Olympic sport, and the two of you make the rules.

Why Play Sex Games: Foreplay as Dialogue

First of all, sexual games are needed to provoke a dialogue. We often take sex for granted, as something that works the same way. And reluctantly change the rules. But there are no rules in sex, as long as each of the characters likes it. Maybe in these three minutes you will learn more about yourself, your partner and sexuality than you expect.