If you approve of various sexual games without penetration, then you should pay attention to this article. And although the term “petting” is not often used in life, believe me, a lot of people do it.


Petting: what is it and what are its advantages

So, how to do petting and what is it? These are various sexual caresses that do not allow penetration. These may include gentle and passionate hugs, kisses, erotic massage. Mutual masturbation, the use of sex toys, is also considered one of the petting techniques.

This is a very pleasant practice, but not many couples use it, although it can bring no less pleasure than the sexual act itself. The petting technique allows you to get an orgasm if you know about the sensual zones of your partner and stimulate them correctly.

Types of petting: what can be petting without penetration

  1. Necking. The use of this petting technique allows the partners any petting above the waist. It doesn’t matter if they wear clothes or not. But you can’t go below the waist. This type of petting will be pleasant for those who have very sensitive neck, chest, stomach and shoulders. Light touches, erotic massage, kisses will give pleasure.
  2. Surface petting. How to do petting in clothes? Using this particular technique. Any part of the body can be involved in it, but clothes cannot be removed. Ideal for those who want intimacy with a partner while being in a public place. This practice is very exciting.
  3. Deep petting. This petting technique is performed in the nude. Partners can caress different parts of the body, both to the waist and below, apply erotic massage, use sex toys.


Petting: what are its advantages

1. Petting is good anywhere. How to do petting with a girl in a public place? Easily. It can be a dark movie theater, a park bench, a fitting room in a clothing store, a secluded table in a cafe. Hugs and kisses – outsiders do not condemn for this.

2. Petting is varied. there are many options:


  • stroking on the back, buttocks, arms, thighs;
  • flip flops;
  • light tingling of the nipples, thighs, hands;
  • gentle bites in different parts of the body;
  • passionate kisses and hugs;
  • soft touches to erogenous zones;
  • kisses on the chest, ears, neck;
  • massage;

partial undressing of the partner.

3. Petting is safer than sex. If you have already understood how to do petting correctly, then you realize that when using his techniques, the risk of contracting sexual infections and getting pregnant is reduced to zero.


4. Petting helps to find partner’s erogenous zones. All of them can be located in completely different and unexpected places. The petting technique helps to identify them and find out what stimulation should be – gentle kisses or passionate biting.

5. Petting – for those who are not ready for sex. If you or your partner are not yet ready for full-fledged intimacy, then petting techniques will help you get to know each other’s body features better without penetration.

6.Petting and sex toy experience. For petting techniques, you can use not only banal vibrators, but also other devices for sex. Satin feathers, ribbons, massage oil are all great to use.

Friction is a big thing. Any physicist will tell you that. And the sex editor will confirm. Remember your first petting: how exciting and exciting it was, this first intimate experience, when the clothes are still on you, but as if they are not there. It could end in sex, or it could remain just mutual caresses. Although why is this dismissive “simple”? After all, the technique of petting then brought real pleasure. And this practice can always be repeated.


What now? Sex without penetration for many couples is not considered sex at all, and even if it does without penetration, it is definitely necessary to take off your clothes. But why not try to go back a little and experiment? Act without disarming. How to do petting? Turn your imagination on. And discuss your suggestions with a partner.


To avoid the effect of deceived expectations, agree on the shore that you will have “everything”, but in clothes. Petting technique allows you to enjoy without taking off your underwear. Be sure to specify at the same time that you will not expose the genitals either – otherwise, strictly speaking, it is not necessary to undress for a blowjob either.


Most likely, in response you will receive a puzzled and perplexed “why?”. Your partner is understandable. “We talked normally,” and then suddenly “on you!”, You invite him to stay without the “main course”. Answer openly: “Everything is great, but I want something new, romance, pampering.” The petting technique is perfect for this variety.


Pick a seat

You can have fun like this at home, but in a calm environment, petting, of course, loses a certain “sharpness”, so you can try public, but not very crowded places: the last row of the cinema in the late evening, at the homes of parents or friends … It’s not at all necessary to bring petting to orgasm (these are not school standards!), sometimes just petting each other, kissing, whispering obscenity in your ear, and let everything else happen in a more secluded environment. What does petting mean? Learn to enjoy touch without leading to penetration.

H2: Get excited and get excited

Have you noticed that when it comes to arousal, most often we are dealing with physical touch to the most sensitive places. But the petting technique offers many different options and much more! It is not at all necessary to touch the clitoris in order to experience the flow of passion (sorry, we are not fans of this style either, it’s just that the word “excitation” is repeated too often in this paragraph).


What can you try?

Dirty talk Let’s start with the auditory channel. Ever heard the phrase that “men love with their ears”? So, everyone loves with their ears, no matter how ambiguous this phrase may sound. In the sense that obscene words are liked by many. If you do not know what to say, use our advice. How to petting? Do not be silent, fantasize, come up with phrases that turn you on.

How to have dirty talk in bed

porn video – we figured out the auditory channel, we connect the visual channel. In fact, it may not only be an erotic movie that both of you like. It can be, for example, your intimate photos that you took specifically for this occasion. He will get turned on looking at you, and you will get turned on by the thought that he is looking at your pictures. Well, how to continue petting – include hugs, kisses and gentle caresses – fantasy will help you.



How to make a great porn video at home

Dry Hamping – the most important channel, tactile. In Russian there is no analogue to this expression. Literally, it translates as “dry friction” – and that’s what, in fact, it means. And this is also one of the petting techniques. You can saddle your partner in such a way that your genitals massage each other, and then the clothes are not a hindrance, but quite the opposite – they create additional pressure.

The rest of the “chips” and nuances – at your discretion. Use his favorite perfume or shampoo if you know that this smell makes him lose his head. Feel free to resort to sex toys. They are designed not only for penetration, but also for a special petting technique that involves the erogenous zones of the body.


The boundaries, as usual, are only in your head, so what “limit” you will reach, where your “stop” will be, is up to you two to decide.

Petting without stripping: Clothes decide (poses too)

If you are going to petting in clothes, then the clothes must match. There are few rules, and they are simple. The petting technique allows them to stick without much effort. Firstly, the thickness and density of the fabric on you and on him should be approximately the same. Simply put, if he is in a leather jacket, and you are in a thin negligee, nothing will come of it. That is, not that it will not work, it will just be unpleasant. Secondly, the fabric should not be too stiff and not too thin. Rigid fabric is bad because you, most likely, just won’t feel anything. Thin fabric will not create enough friction. Choose a simple textured, non-slip fabric.


Not that we think that after reading this material you will run through your wardrobe in search of a dress suitable for petting, just keep these details in mind. How to do petting in clothes? Pay attention to the details, not the cut, color and cost of outfits.

As for the poses, everything is simple. For example, sit on top of him so that your clit rubs against his cock. You can stand with your back to him and rub your buttocks against his groin. And this petting technique is suitable for use.

In general, do whatever you like: remember your youth and your first experiments, let them become your inspiration for new experiments.