Studies show that clitoral stimulation in the name of orgasm is important for an impressive 73% of women. Therefore, even if you have advanced far in the study of this organ, it will still be useful to repeat.


Basic facts about the clitoris

  • Power: The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings – about the same number in the penis. Few girls can experience an orgasm without clitoral stimulation.
  • Sensitivity: part of the clitoris is made of erectile tissue (like the penis), when aroused, blood rushes to it, which gives a pleasant sensation.
  • Structure: The clitoris is in the form of an arc with “legs” that are not visible from the outside. Therefore, stimulation of the girl’s clitoris is possible both from the outside and from the inside.
  • Size: Part of the clitoris is visible from the outside – the size of a pea, and its full length can reach 7-13 centimeters.

How does clitoral stimulation work?

When you get excited (from kisses, foreplay or even thoughts!), the brain gives the command to send more blood to the intimate organs, and the clitoris receives part of it.


Positions for clitoral stimulation

The outer part of the clitoris becomes very sensitive to touch. Orgasm without clitoral stimulation is directly possible, but caressing this organ is the most direct way to a bright finish. By the way, in some girls, sensitivity persists even after orgasm. A few minutes after the peak of pleasure is reached, the clitoris returns to its normal size and level of sensitivity.

Find your style of clitoral stimulation

Each woman has different ways of stimulating the clitoris, and it is useful to study this. Here are the statistics from the polls, ranked first to last in preference.

1. 64% – up and down movements

2. 52% – circular

3. 31% side to side


4. 21% – ripple

5. 19% – pressure

6.16% light tapping

7. 12% clicks

Home experiments: sex with clitoral stimulation

  1. Avoid direct contact. Most women like touching the clitoris, but you can enjoy it without touching it. Try to touch the surface on the sides of the clitoris without touching it. Hand stimulation of the clitoris is the next step.
  2. Mix movements. Try combining circular motion with pressure or pressure with pulsation. So you will quickly understand what kind of clitoral stimulation during sex you like the most. You can ask your partner to repeat the same thing with your tongue – stimulation of the clitoris by a man, known as cunnilingus, for many girls is the shortest path to orgasm. 82% of women love touch with repetitive rhythmic movements, so don’t switch between different types of exposure too quickly. Hint: Simultaneous stimulation of the nipples and clitoris is cool.
  3. Stimulation of the clitoris with fingers in clothes. Without taking off your underwear, ask your partner to touch the clitoris with the pads of two fingers with reciprocating movements.
  4. Positions for clitoral stimulation. There are a lot of them, you and your partner need to understand which ones are more suitable for you. For starters, clitoral stimulation with a member is possible without penetration, it can be part of the foreplay. However, the stimulation of the clitoris by the penis basically assumes that the male organ acts specifically on the inner body of the clitoris. For example, a classic “rider” is suitable, where you can choose the angle of penetration and the degree of impact on the clitoris yourself.



Sex toys for clitoral stimulation: top best

No matter how skillful your partner is, the sex gadget never gets tired and is always in the mood. However, many clitoral stimulation devices are suitable not only for masturbation, but also for joint games. Choose and enjoy.

Vibrating massager

The one from Sex and the City. Once it was invented as a body massager, and then with the light hand of sex educator Betty Dodson, the massager turned into a “magic wand” for masturbation. Magic Wand is one of the most sold and counterfeited devices, the purpose of which is to stimulate the clitoris of women. All thanks to the fact that this vibrator for clitoral stimulation has a strong effect. There is a powerful motor in the toy, which is able to act quite sharply on the erogenous zone, so that everyone will feel it. Many girls even prefer to use it not directly on the clitoris, but somewhere nearby – the vibration is enough for an epic finale.


Vacuum clitoris stimulator

If the “magic wand” is an ageless classic, then vacuum stimulators are the hit of the season. All kinds of Womanizer, Satisfyer and similar clitoral stimulation toys are in the bedside tables of many girls. These devices treat the clitoris, as if sticking to it. In fact, vacuum stimulation of the clitoris is so gentle that if you put your finger on the head of the toy, you will hardly feel anything. But the delicate sensitive organ – yes, how. Some believe that this is the best stimulation of the clitoris.

Vibration Bullet

Miniature toys that look like a bullet and therefore received such a name. They are considered convenient for travel and will even fit in a cosmetic bag. On the other hand, such a toy will not vibrate much. Therefore, if you have a low threshold of sensitivity, a vibrating bullet is only suitable for joint games with a partner and foreplay, where stimulation of the female clitoris will not be superfluous.


Vibrator with clitoral stimulator

Must-have toys that are in every sex shop. The device is suitable for both vaginal penetration and clitoral caresses, and you can do it both separately and simultaneously. With the help of such a gadget, the clitoris is stimulated, the g-spot also receives attention, which means that an orgasm is inevitable. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube for the full experience.

Clitoral stimulation ring

This is a toy for your man, and for you – a special nozzle on the cock to stimulate the clitoris. It will help him maintain and strengthen an erection, and you will achieve orgasm due to the properties of the ring. The clitoral stimulation attachment can have dots, soft spikes and hairs, or even a microvibrator for the clitoris. Last but not least, erection rings are usually quite budget-friendly, so it’s definitely worth a try for a change.