The most “female” hormone is estrogen. Men also have it, but in a much lower concentration. It is estrogen that is responsible for sexual arousal and the ability to bear a child. Before menstruation, its amount always decreases, and the so-called premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs: you are irritable, tearful and not prone to sex. In a healthy body, estrogen rises again during the ovulatory phase of the cycle. Simply put, at this time, a woman experiences the strongest attraction, since the chances of conceiving a child are very high. If the naked torso of beefy men has not caused you emotions for a long time, it is worth checking the level of estrogen. It is its decrease that leads to the suppression of libido and the lack of “lubrication” during intercourse. At the same time, there is an interesting pattern: the more irregular the sex life, the lower the estrogen. Your psycho-emotional state also affects this hormone. Stress and anxiety trigger the release of adrenaline and cortisol, which in turn suppress estrogen production. Take an unplanned vacation for at least a few days, get a relaxing body massage and remember your hottest nights.

This hormone is responsible for motivation and goal achievement. Thanks to him, a man in love is ready to run after you to the ends of the earth and get the moon from the sky. The more uncertain the result of the activity, the more dopamine is produced. Do not blame yourself for promiscuity if flirting with a brutal stranger in a nightclub turns you on more than the usual marital sex. At the moment of the dopamine surge, you feel excitement and warmth in the lower abdomen – this blood rushes to the organs. A decrease in the level of this hormone leads to a loss of interest and emotional isolation. The moral support of a loved one, admiration and recognition of your social success is the surest way to return dopamine back to normal.

Oxytocin is called the attachment hormone, because thanks to it we experience tender feelings for loved ones and … an orgasm. An increase in oxytocin levels comes even from a friendly handshake or kissing a girlfriend on the cheek. It is he who stimulates the production of endorphins – the “hormone of happiness.” How spiritually close you are with your partner directly determines whether you can reach the peak of pleasure. First of all, you need to establish your emotional connection. Start with the usual touches throughout the day: hug your man while he brews aromatic coffee, a kiss before leaving for work. Long emotional conversations also form a sense of affection and the production of oxytocin. In general, the more you discuss the philosophy of Kant over a glass of wine, the brighter the orgasms. And by the way, it is oxytocin that is to blame for the fact that after sex you want to snuggle up to your partner or chat incessantly. In men, during orgasm, the level of oxytocin, on the contrary, falls, so after the peak of pleasure, he is drawn to smoke and keep quiet.

If during sex you experience discomfort and pain, and examinations by doctors do not give results, you should pay attention to the “hormones of happiness” endorphins. They are responsible for lowering the pain threshold. A cocktail of oxytocin and endorphins helps a woman experience pleasant sensations during sex. Endorphins are also responsible for feelings of euphoria and happiness. It is not surprising that during sex you so want to confess your love and whisper tenderness. Endorphins are affected by stress and bad mood. The use of alcohol and drugs causes a sharp surge of endorphins, but leads to addiction: without doping, “happiness hormones” are no longer produced on their own. Drinking heavily before a stormy night is not a good idea. But there is good news: regular exercise, laughter and proper food will help to improve the hormonal background. Add chocolate, avocados, bananas, strawberries to your diet and go for a run or a hilarious comedy with your loved one.

If your intimate life is limited to the missionary position, and during sex you think about electricity bills, you should add a little more adrenaline to the hormonal cocktail. Thanks to its release, a person experiences a storm of emotions. By the way, if discharge, that is, orgasm, does not occur, the level of adrenaline remains elevated, and you become aggressive and angry. Try to diversify your sex life and try to realize your innermost erotic desire. Sex in a public place, for example, will provoke an adrenaline rush, and therefore a thrill.