“We slept with him right in the car on our first date. I just recently broke up with the “love of my life” and hadn’t had sex in weeks, so I was on edge. To be honest, it’s very difficult for me now to remember how our first sex turned out – I was a little drunk. The size of the penis I considered only on the third date. That is, I took it in my hand and said out loud: “Wow! So you don’t have erection problems?! He’s just so tiny ?!” Tiny is no exaggeration, less than 5 cm.

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The next day he presented me with a huge diamond ring and assured me that it was not about the size and that he would try very hard to make me feel good. That’s horrible! He didn’t think about my pleasure at all: he licked where it was convenient for him, put his fingers inside, moved them back and forth inappropriately … When I asked to find a ji point, he said that my brain was made of cotton, I need to go to yoga less , and more on power – to swing the ass so that cellulite does not hang to the knees. The sex was disgusting, I never had an orgasm at all.


Why did I get married? Not why. So it happened. He proposed and I accepted.

But our relationship was a living hell – creepy and exhausting, we didn’t have a day without quarrels and reproaches. The last year of the three years of our relationship, I completely forgot that this is my husband and sexual partner.


He also tried to understand why we are not going well, and you know what conclusion he came to? That everything is to blame … my small breasts! He began to beg me to “make boobs”, then I could not stand it, packed my things and dumped on all four sides.

By the way, women paid attention to him, and how! He was spinning in media circles, and among his “former” were accomplished luxurious women, socialites with stunning appearance, with ambitions … What is going on in the heads of women who fought to the death for a microdick?!


He dated a great woman before me. He left her, clung to me, she suffered, tried to return him … To be honest, I’m ashamed to even remember this – it’s just terrible. I want to hug that woman of his, and so that she hugs me, but not now, but so that we then hugged and ran away from this flawed asshole in an embrace.

I chose to forget that terrible experience. And it’s not about a small penis – after my husband, I had another lover with a similar feature. The guy turned out to be so gentle, passionate, caring… And with such dedication! Caressed me to wear – it was important for him that I finished more than once. It was only by bringing me to countless orgasms with his hands and tongue that he was satisfied. And it’s really cool!

So the point is not in size, but in the fact that the man took out his complexes on others. He was a mouflon. A man cannot choose the size of his penis. But to be a mouflon with a microcock or a smart lover with a microcock – he can choose.