After analyzing their responses, the researchers identified those who managed to maintain a happy sexual relationship, and found out what they need to do to do this. It turned out that it is enough to follow quite simple rules!


1. They praise their partner

Expressing approval during and after sex is vital to satisfaction and happiness. When you let your man know what you like, he will take it into account and you will be satisfied.

2. They ask each other

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable talking about your specific wants and needs. Happy couples also open up new sexual frontiers that will increase pleasure for both parties. In general, if you need cunnilingus to get an orgasm, don’t wait for it, but just tell the man about it.

3. They communicate throughout the day

Do you remember the time when you did not live together yet and looked forward to every meeting? To keep this quivering relationship, do not forget to write him playful and even lustful messages during the day, so that by the evening he will be turned on properly.


4. They share their experiences

You should be as open to dialogue as possible in order to give each other more pleasure. Feedback is a healthy and effective way to improve your sex life because neither you nor your man can read minds. Tell each other about your emotions and impressions.

5. They confess their love to each other

According to the study, 75% of sexually satisfied spouses reported that they confess their love to each other during sex, while only 46% of couples who were dissatisfied with their sex life found such people. And no wonder, because the words “I love you” make you feel more emotional closeness, comfort and trust.