New moon

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The energy of the Moon is impermanent in nature, which is why it is called the female planet. In ancient times, by the way, changes in the mood of a woman were associated precisely with the action of the Moon on her, which is not far from the truth. Every month, the moon goes through a full cycle in about 28 days, during which its phases change. The phases of the moon – or the way we see it in the sky – depend on the illumination of it by the Sun. The new moon is the period when we do not see the moon in the sky, since it is on the same side of the earth with the sun. This period is characterized by a decline in strength. Women’s libido also falls, and the phrase “I have a headache” is not a deception at all, since illnesses really exacerbate on the new moon. At this time, it is better to refuse to have sex, as the risk of injury also increases. An ideal alternative would be a romantic dinner and a touching melodrama together.


Waxing Crescent

The phase of the young and growing moon is the most favorable period for sexual life. This is the period when the month in the sky gradually grows to half the moon. The energy of the planet is growing, and the female libido is growing accordingly. In addition, it is at this time that women feel a special sexuality and are ready for experiments in bed. If you or your partner have an erotic fantasy, save it for the waxing moon. It’s time to visit the sex shop and use aphrodisiacs. The chance to get unforgettable orgasms also increases – at this time, the sensitivity of a woman increases, she feels her body better and does not hesitate to talk about her desires to her partner. However, this also has a downside: it is on the growing Moon that the peak of betrayal falls, since emotions take precedence over reason. A woman is much easier to agree to an intimate relationship with a stranger.



Full moon

This is a difficult period in terms of the emotional sphere. People become embittered, aggressive because of unspent energy, while everything seems to fall out of hand. Full moon days are like premenstrual syndrome – you want to kill everyone and escape to a desert island. At this time, you should not plan dates, since the likelihood of a scandal is much higher than an orgasm. Postpone serious talk about the future and a showdown – this will only aggravate the situation. An interesting pattern: during the full moon, male libido increases, as a large amount of testosterone accumulates. Female attraction, on the contrary, is falling. During this period, even increases the number of crimes on sexual grounds.


Waning moon

This period symbolizes peace and tranquility. A woman is set to have sex only with a close man. At this time, you want long foreplay, frank conversations instead of passionate sex. An alternative to the usual sex life can be an intimate massage with oil or oral sex. It is also during this period that you are most likely to whisper a declaration of love to your partner for the first time. It is worth postponing experiments in bed and hard erotic games, as well as dates with strangers.

Moon eclipse

A lunar eclipse should not be confused with a new moon, although in both cases the moon disappears from view. An eclipse occurs because the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth. It lasts a few hours, but it happens quite rarely – once or twice a year. However, this is perhaps the most difficult period, characterized by a surge of emotions, unreasonable whims and even exacerbation of mental disorders. That is, in its effect it is similar to the full moon, the difference is only in the force of impact. At this time, it is worth boldly putting an end to exhausting relationships, letting go of resentment, making room and space for something new. Women’s libido can increase dramatically, and you will feel sexual hunger. However, then there will be a sharp decline, after which you will want to be alone, even friendly touches can be unpleasant.