Looking ahead, I’ll say that the GVibe “horn” has become my favorite: I take it with me on trips, and it brightens up my long gatherings in the bathroom when I want to soak in hot water, drink wine and relax a bit. But I will still warn you, dear reader: the “horn” is not very good as a first toy. Not in the sense that it has some technical flaws, just that you need to experiment with its shape.

Cunning for invention

Most vibrators have a more or less standard shape. When you take it in your hands, you do not wonder what to put where and what to put where. This knowledge can be said to be intuitive. With the “horn”, intuition briefly falls into a stupor. It is a ring with two horns of the same length, diverging in different directions.

The horns themselves are flexible, that is, they can be pressed against each other or bent. Some will consider an ambiguous form a minus, others, on the contrary, a plus, because it is she who can help you “rock” your imagination a little. But, if anything, inside there is an instruction with different options for using the horns. I have come up with the following methods:



  • one “horn” is inserted into the vagina, the other is pressed against the clitoris; quite convenient and very easy way to get high, no frills. The only negative is that the “horn” is very thin, so if you prefer more active vaginal stimulation, try otherwise.
  • both “horns” are inserted into the vagina and, as it were, “expand” it from the inside. It will appeal to those who, in principle, love vaginal stimulation, but there may be problems with the penetration process. An amateur idea.
  • one “horn” is inserted into the anus, and the second – into the vagina. I liked the idea itself, but it turned out to be unrealizable, for this, I think, you need to have a different anatomy.


Due to the size of the toy, it can be used by two with a partner, and two more women can also use the device if they have enough imagination to figure out how to use it.

External Data


I can’t help but notice the box. I always note the boxes or the presence of pouches-pockets in which you can store a toy. “Imp” can be stored directly in the original packaging – a cardboard tube with handles.


I like that the creators of the product took care of how I will store my toy, five minus them for that. Minus only for the volume, which is a little more than it would be if they put it inside the bag.



  • perfectly “pumps” fantasy;
  • small and compact;
  • many use cases;
  • inexpensive, and there is also a discount for the promotional code “COSMO15” in the amount of 15%;
  • convenient way to store.


of the minuses, perhaps, I will only note that for the first toy this vibrator, perhaps, can be difficult, like the first round in “What? Where? When? ”, But it is worth getting involved – and it is impossible to refuse. You can buy it in the sex shop “Point of Love”.