If you are one of those women who enjoy vaginal sex, then you probably know the not-too-fun statistics: the average intercourse lasts from 3 to 7 minutes. It is unlikely that during this time you will have time to get an orgasm. And there is nothing wrong with that.


Extend the foreplay

“Thank you, Cap”, yes, we know. The idea is to perceive vaginal sex not as a main dish, but as a dessert that should give you the final pleasure. That is, distribute the time between penetration and foreplay in such a way that you literally have only a few minutes left before the finish line. You can choose mutual masturbation, and oral sex, and fingering – whatever your heart desires, the main thing is that at the time of penetration you are more excited than usual.

Use an erectile ring

Our article, although it was written several years ago, still collects comments and views. Yes, using erectile rings takes some getting used to (not to mention choosing and buying them), but if early ejaculation is not a one-time difficulty but a systematic problem, then this may be one of your solutions. Such rings help delay orgasm and keep firmness longer.

Try the Squeeze Technique

Without fanaticism. As soon as you feel that he is about to come, ask him to pull out his cock and squeeze his head. Don’t do it hard or rough, don’t use much force, just wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base of the head and apply light pressure. So you can delay ejaculation.


Use a condom

Many people do not like condoms and couples prefer other methods of contraception if available. But the condom creates an additional layer between the body and the vagina. By creating it, you will make sure that during penetration, the sensations of your partner will not be so intense. Don’t opt ​​for ultra-thin condoms if you want to prolong your pleasure. At the last moment, the condom can be removed.


change your posture

Most guys know exactly when they’re about to have an orgasm, so you can switch positions as it approaches. By the way, you can also feel when it is close to the final: the testicles are tightened and lifted. Moving in one predictable rhythm will make him come faster, and changing position will delay the release.


You can ride it and move at a choppy, non-uniform pace.


No, not in the sense that you have to shout “Stop, filmed!”, And then go to drink tea with macaroons. But asking him to come out, pet him, kiss him and give him some rest is not such a bad idea.

Pelvic day muscle training

Here’s a surprise fact for you: although we hear more about pelvic floor muscle training in women, men can also exercise. One Swedish study published in 2014 found that men who exercise their pelvic floor muscles are better able to control their orgasms.

go on

Seriously, just because he had an orgasm doesn’t mean the show is over. Sex doesn’t end with orgasm – especially not with his orgasm. If you need something inside, you can ask him to take a toy or just help you with his hands.