Want to get a killer dose of pleasure and enjoyment? What positions will help you get the highest pleasure and a particularly vivid orgasm? We have found some cool options for sex when your G-spot is stimulated to the maximum.

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How to stimulate the G-spot

G – wheelbarrow

Lying position, woman from below


“Kama Sutra” guarantees: it is very easy to achieve orgasm in this sex position, because during frictions the man dominates and the G-spot is actively stimulated. Your man will also appreciate it, because the legs raised up and bent at the knees will provide very deep penetration. For extra thrills, ask your boyfriend to stroke your ankles and thighs first, and when you feel an orgasm approaching (and understand where the G-spot is), move his palm to your clitoris. Additional stimulation of the clitoris will give you a very special feeling, just such an orgasm was described in the finale of the novel “Eleven Minutes” by Paulo Coelho.

Emphasis lying

One of the hottest G-spot poses in our Kama Sutra


Lying on your back, pull your legs bent at the knees to your chest and cross them. When your boyfriend enters you, put your feet lightly on his chest. By supporting you by the hips, he will be able to perform tight, tight frictions. How to properly stimulate the G-spot? The main thing in this sex position is to keep your legs crossed, thanks to this your vagina will wrap around his cock in a very tight ring. In addition, in this position, even though the man is on top, it is very convenient for you to compress the muscles of the vagina, increasing the pressure of the penis on all sensitive areas.



A slightly improved classic for female G-spot stimulation

It differs from the missionary sex position only in that your legs are on his shoulders. Great for a beautiful finishing touch if you started having sex in the usual man on top position. Your raised legs provide deeper penetration and you can caress each other in the process. The pose is suitable for couples in love who love to look into each other’s eyes during sex and combine friction with sensual kisses on the lips. In this pose, the question “How to find the G-spot?” disappears by itself.



Lying position, man on top

The Kama Sutra has slightly modified the classic missionary sex position to massage the G-spot. The man is on top, and you put a couple of pillows under the buttocks so that the penetration of his penis is deeper. In this sex position, the G-spot is very actively stimulated, in addition, his pubis rubs against your clitoris. As they say, all the fun at once! For additional pleasant sensations, ask your man to make circular frictions and movements of the eight. There is a high probability that then you will reach orgasm at the same time!

Fly of butterfly

standing pose

One of the most intricate poses in our “Kama Sutra”. The main thing in this sex position is to find the right place. It can be a high couch, car hood, kitchen table or bar counter. The main thing is that after you lie down on the table, your pelvis is 30 cm higher than your partner’s pelvis. How to stimulate the G-spot in women? Raise your ass, put your legs on his shoulders and ask him to support your buttocks with his hands. Choose the friction speed that both of you will like. By the way, with your free hand you can stimulate the clitoris.