Imagine that you have finally found the man of your dreams. And everything would be fine – he is attentive, makes good money, is good-looking, wants to marry you, and your mother even liked you! But here’s the problem: sex doesn’t go well. Another passionate attempt for some reason causes him tangible pain and leads to a complete lack of desire to continue what he started. But it all began so promisingly! Even worse in this case can only be sudden onset bleeding.

What’s the matter? Why can a perfectly natural and desirable process lead to such an ending?

And the matter may simply be in the short frenulum of your partner’s penis, and plastic surgery in this case is most likely inevitable. But not everything is as bad as it sounds.

No matter how firmly the word “plastic” is associated in our understanding with beauty salons, facelifts and silicone sponges, this has nothing to do with plastic surgery of the short frenulum of the penis. This simple operation lasts only half an hour and is performed by surgeons in medical institutions.

Of course, you can say that our ancestors somehow managed without plastic surgery of the penis frenulum, as well as circumcision. But it’s one thing to do without, and another to solve the problem in a simple and convenient way and not remember it anymore.

Why is plastic surgery of the short frenulum of the penis needed?

To make it easier for you to understand what it is about, it is enough to recall the subject of our discussion and, in fact, male pride. The frenulum is such a longitudinal skin fold that connects the male foreskin to the head of the penis. Usually it stretches normally and does not cause any disturbance to the man during intercourse. But a short frenulum prevents the head of the penis from being exposed, which leads to pain, and as a result, with intense sex, to its rupture. Since the blood supply in this place during intercourse is good, the gap can be accompanied not only by severe pain, but also quite decent bleeding. If you cannot cope with this problem on your own, then you may even have to go to surgery or urology. Nothing irreparable will happen – the doctors will simply put stitches on the place of the rupture.

One could draw analogies and decide that this is how men lose their virginity. And there is something in it. But the fact is that the problem does not necessarily arise during the first sexual intercourse and end immediately after the wound heals. So what’s next? And then the gap, of course, will heal, and a scar will appear in its place, which, in turn, can again lead to the need for plastic surgery of the frenulum of the foreskin. Why? It’s simple – a rough scar can interfere with the stretching of the frenulum even more than its absence. Plus, this problem can be joined by another – early ejaculation. And the “downhill” is already a very sad story.

So there is nothing to pull and wait for favors from nature! Frenuloplasty is a simple, fast and inexpensive operation with local anesthesia. And there is no need to stay in the hospital. And it’s definitely not worth pulling with this – if there is already a scar, this can only complicate the operation. And, by the way, it has nothing to do with cutting the plastic of the bridle: only the bridle will be cut and sewn, as it should be.Consequences of frenuloplasty

Consequences of frenuloplasty

OK then. Operation and all fears behind. What’s next? What are the consequences of frenuloplasty most likely to be faced and how to survive them?

Stitches will remain after the operation, but they will dissolve on their own within 10 days at the latest. Also, in the first days after the plastic surgery of the frenulum, there may be swelling, discomfort in the penis, which will pass with time.

Surely doctors will give the necessary recommendations and advise medications, both for pain relief in the postoperative period, and local healing ointments. But first of all, of course, careful personal hygiene and clean linen are important. As soon as everything heals, and if everything goes as it should, it will happen in 2 weeks, you can begin to have sex. And we hope it will be harmonious and delightful!