foot fetish

foot fetish

A foot fetish (or foot fetish) is a sexual attraction to women’s feet. People who are related to foot fetishism tend to express their feelings through foot massage in stockings or without them, using not only manual but also oral caresses. In addition, they tend to receive foot massages. Fetish of male feet is much less common.

Reasons for fetishism

Foot fetish in stockings, pantyhose, as well as without them, is one of the forms of sexual deviations. Often, a person’s attraction to objects or body parts begins in early adolescence, when the perception of sex can be influenced by accidentally seen or read things, the first sexual experience.

In some cases, a toe or celebrity toe fetish can interfere with a person, since arousal in the usual ways becomes almost impossible for him, or very difficult. In addition, passion for this kind of love can give rise to misunderstanding between partners and discord. In this case, it is worth talking about the treatment of fetishism, which is possible with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Foot fetish – features

Of great importance in foot fetish are beautiful legs. In order to please a man in this way, a woman needs to carefully and daily care for the object of passion - her feet. This usually requires a few important details:

  1. Legs should be tanned - it looks more erotic, and visual context is especially important in this regard.
  2. To achieve incredible tenderness of the feet, you need to take care of them daily, using baths, graters and creams. Leaving immediately before the session does not give such an effect.
  3. With a foot fetish, the legs are examined very closely, so the skin must be perfectly smooth, and the nails well-groomed and beautiful. For hygiene reasons, it is important to always have clean, trimmed toenails, but not too short so as not to lose in the visual aspect.
  4. It is believed that most foot fetishists prefer red or other brightly colored toenails. It is important to paint your nails at least a day before the session so that the smell of acetone disappears.
  5. The smell of women's feet for a foot fetishist plays a huge role. It is believed that the most important thing in this case is not to wash it off. It is recommended to take a shower before going to bed and take care of your toes, sleep in cotton socks, do not wash your feet in the morning, and put on leather shoes before the session itself. You can quickly achieve the desired smell if you put on nylon stockings and leather shoes for 20-30 minutes.
  6. It is impossible to wash your feet immediately before the session: not only does this kill their natural moisture and deodorize them, it will take some time before returning to the previous state.
  7. Many foot fetishists love to have rings, bracelets on their toes. However, these decorations must be so neat foot fetishismtexture to avoid the risk of hurting the man.
  8. If stockings are used, you need to choose transparent ones in which toes will be visible (the main object of the fetish). The most popular stocking color is transparent black or white, less often flesh and in very rare cases colored.
  9. To make your toes more flexible, you need to do a little daily warm-up.

Using these rules, it is easy to prepare the legs for a session that will give the foot fetishist great pleasure. If you use this as one of the options for getting pleasure, there is nothing terrible about it, but if the partner has a negative attitude towards other forms of sex, then we are talking about rather serious deviations that should be taken to either a sexologist or a psychiatrist.