One day, Twitter users staged a flash mob on the topic “Come up with a five-word phrase that will make the situation incredibly awkward if you say it in the midst of making love.” We recalled some funny “bad advice” that the participants in the game came up with.

Flash mob

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The participants of the entertainment easily proved that it’s really easy to spoil a romantic meeting with five words and make a partner embarrassed, lose all desire to continue or pick up clothes and run out of the bedroom screaming. Here are 20 options for such phrases:


  1. Grandpa died on this bed.
  2. Will we get married now?
  3. This is my ninth “first time”.
  4. Wait, I need to pray first.
  5. Tomorrow I will be thirteen.
  6. I learned this in prison.
  7. Move over, your foot is covering the lens.
  8. My ex loved this pose.
  9. You will be Shrek, I will be the donkey.
  10. The doctor said it’s not contagious.
  11. I’m not Vasya, I’m Sasha.
  12. On “Instagram (a social network recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation),” he seemed larger.
  13. Shall we name our daughter after my mother?
  14. Are you sure you’re not a guy?
  15. Pay no attention, it’s a neighbor.
  16. Will you put off your knitting?
  17. Are you already logged in? Then “oh!”
  18. I want to see your kidneys.
  19. Don’t worry, the dog is just watching.
  20. Hello, are you joining us?