Women get turned on differently than men. Indeed, in the representatives of the stronger sex, sexual desire can arise even simply at the sight of a naked partner. And the fair sex, on the contrary, needs time to “ripen”. This is where female pathogens come to the rescue.


How does female arousal happen?

Sexual energy in women is formed from impressions and received emotions. These are visual, auditory, tactile sensations that enter the central nervous system and excite it in a special way. Hormones are released in response to emotions.

And already under the influence of hormones, the blood vessels of the small pelvis and genital organs expand, blood rushes to them, the mucous membrane of the external genital organs is moistened, the amount of endorphins released, as well as the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, causing a feeling of happiness and pleasure, increases.

Thus, in a woman, feelings and emotions come first. If she fully trusts her partner, she can relax and enjoy. If not, then even the most effective female pathogen will not help. Sometimes a violation of female sexuality is associated with overt and hidden depression, and this requires an appeal to a psychiatrist or sexologist.


Types of female pathogens

All female pathogens can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • Antidepressants with a libido-stimulating effect Trittiko (trazodone), Elontril (bupropion).
  • A drug for the treatment of reduced libido in women Eddy (flibanserin).
  • Hormonal drugs – are prescribed only by a doctor if the decrease in libido is associated with hormonal deficiency.
  • Dietary supplements of plant origin that enhance female libido.
  • Vitamin-mineral complexes are drugs and dietary supplements that improve the function of a woman’s sexual and reproductive system.

Choosing stimulants for women

“Exciting drugs for women are based on the principle of blood flow, like men’s,” says expert Elena Molchanova, “They are safe and not addictive.”


What are the means to arouse a woman? First of all, these are stimulating and exciting lubricants and creams. The action of these drugs is based on a specific active ingredient that causes blood flow to the intimate area. Most often it is L-arginine – a safe amino acid. Means can be both for the clitoris and for the G-spot.


Viamax Warm Cream

Instant stimulating cream for women

powerful aphrodisiacs for women


Viamax Warm Cream increases blood flow to strategic dreams, increasing our sensitivity and accelerating arousal, and promotes the production of natural lubrication. It contains such herbs as Damiana and Palma Serenoa, which have a warming and stimulating effect.

Shunga Rain of Love

Exciting lubricant for women

what drug excites a woman


This drug is your personal door to Narnia! Now a bright orgasm is provided, it’s true. Shunga Rain of Love is a very soft and gentle lubricant that is enough to apply to the intimate area to feel an increase in libido, arousal and swelling of the labia. A very effective remedy that excites women!


System JO Clitoral Gel Mild

Medium stimulating clitoral gel

most aphrodisiac for women


For those girls who want to slightly increase their arousal and stimulate the production of natural lubrication. In addition, the lubricant can be used simultaneously with condoms, which does not reduce the properties of contraception. The gel begins to act within a few minutes after application: a feeling of warmth and a slight tingling will appear. A small amount of gel must be applied to the clitoral area. The effect after applying the serum lasts for 45 minutes, after which the gel can be applied again.

Hot Cilitoris Vagina Tightening XXS Spray

Stimulating spray for women with a constricting effect

best aphrodisiac for women



A real find among exciting drugs! Firstly, the spray stimulates female arousal (tested), and secondly, it cares for the intimate area – it eliminates dryness and promotes tissue elasticity. And Hot Cilitoris Vagina Tightening XXS Spray will be appreciated by your boyfriend: the tool has a narrowing effect: it will enhance both your sensations from sex and give new emotions to your beloved man!

Swiss Navy Just For Her

Exciting gel for women two in one

aphrodisiac for women review


What other aphrodisiac for women to pay attention to? The 2 in 1 dosage makes it possible to combine the two components and gradually increase the degree of arousal from mild to intense for maximum pleasure. In this series, by the way, there are also products for men and women with the same convenient dispenser.

Are female pathogens safe?

The safety of substances that are medicinal products can be checked by the State Register of Medicinal Products. And the safety of dietary supplements – according to the Register of certificates of state registration on the territory of the Russian Federation.

But not all female pathogens are included in these registers. For example, there are no so-called “folk remedies” that excite a woman or preparations prepared at home.


So, the dietary supplement popular on the Internet – “Golden Spanish Fly” is not registered anywhere, but it contains the active poisonous substance cantradin, which has aphrodisiac properties and is contained in the bodies of some insects. Cantradin is dangerous because its slightest overdose can cause severe poisoning, which is not warned in the instructions for this remedy.

Is it possible to combine the intake of female pathogens with alcohol?

Is there a female pathogen compatible with alcohol? Taking antidepressants, Eddy and hormones with alcohol is not compatible, since ethanol depresses the central nervous system (CNS) and prevents the activation of sexual arousal.

In the instructions for most dietary supplements, their compatibility with alcohol is not indicated. Usually a small amount of alcohol does not have a significant effect, but special studies have not been conducted, and with severe intoxication, alcohol also inhibits the central nervous system and reduces the effectiveness of female pathogens. So better not!