Christmas gift ideas for men

First boiling stage

A little intimate surprise that will cheer you up and clearly hint at an erotic adventure. To create a magical atmosphere, you can present your loved one with erotic souvenirs.


Set “All for sex”

Price: 690 – 800 rubles.

The Everything for Sex set includes several condoms, wet wipes, ribbons and dice with answers to the question “where?” And How?”. Find out new combinations for intimate caresses of your man! The indisputable advantage of such a sexy gift is the presence of knee pads designed to protect against industrial injuries.

Domino “Erotic”

Price: 400 – 750 rubles.

Your man will be delighted with such a souvenir! Now he will diligently connect the knuckles not with the same number of points, but look for the same female busts.

Funny men’s and women’s panties

Price: 500 – 800 rubles.

You can give him men’s briefs with playful slogans “wake up this beast” or “places for kisses”. Such a gift is suitable for an already established couple, where there is no place for embarrassment and omissions. Panties are a direct call to action! The second option for this gift: buy panties with an inscription for yourself to arouse the desire of your man. Surely he will want to quickly remove this extra wardrobe item from you!


Call “Sexual alarm”

Price: 600 – 900 rubles.

Just a necessary thing in case of an internal fire! When you’re on fire, call for emergency help in the form of a loved one. As a true male, he will not leave his woman in trouble and will certainly put out the fire of your desire. That’s why he is the hero of your novel.

second boiling stage

It seems that your heads are starting to hover in the clouds with hot fantasies? Then this is a sure sign of an impending boil! Do not waste your energy, it is better to give your loved one an even more intimate and incendiary gift.

Party in bed game

Price: 1500 – 2000 rubles.

What gift to give a man for the New Year? Spend time together in the most unusual way! The game set includes 240 game cards, a peacock feather, a stocking and a tie. What to do with it, you will learn from the cards with the tasks that you will have to complete. Absolutely, such a gift can be your ticket to a sexy weekend, when you both can not get out of bed. Just for a snack to save energy. Perfect, right?



Gift book “Kama Sutra”

Price: 8500 – 9500 rubles.

Teaching is light, so feel free to start studying the ancient Indian treatise on lust and love. The book includes 64 sexual positions, which are called arts. Trying all the poses on yourself will probably be a rather difficult task, but it’s still worth striving for. At a minimum, you will laugh heartily and become a little closer to each other, reveal your acrobatic talents and be imbued with the philosophy of “divine unity”. It seems that this New Year you both can become people of art!

Fur handcuffs

Price: 800 – 1200 rubles.

Fur handcuffs have long been associated with playful sex and role-playing games, where the woman is the dominant one. Sexologists unanimously argue that submission is one of the most cherished fantasies in men. Why not fulfill one of the hottest thoughts of your loved one in these New Year’s Eve days and give such a sex gift?


third boiling stage

When there is very little left before the completion of the excitement, and you want to sweat your soul mate, use erotic gifts that will pause the enchanting sex, but add a hundredfold pleasure from waiting.

“Kama Sutra Sheet”

Price: 1200 – 1500 rubles.

Do you like to play Twister with a fun company? Then for you there is a very intimate game for two, where you should not let outsiders. A fun erotic game will allow you to take a fresh look at your relationship. The sheet is covered with multi-colored signs for arms, legs, knees and priests. This sex gift for the New Year will allow you to perform at least seven positions of “art” from the Kama Sutra.


“Your best gift is me!” With red ribbon.

Price: 50 – 200 rubles / meter

You will always remain for your man the best gift that fate has given him. But let’s add some brightness to the packaging. Tie yourself with a red ribbon, let him rip the ribbons off you with his teeth to get to the most cherished places.

Sex Bible by Paul Joanidis

Price: 750 – 1000 rubles.

Both women and men will enjoy reading this book. The “Bible of Sex” can rightfully be considered a desktop one, because from there you can draw new knowledge about sex and relationships every evening, and you can check what you read together.


Fourth boiling stage

You are at the finish line: the intense calls of your bodies to mutually achieve what you want are so strong that you no longer have the strength to resist. It is at this stage that the hottest gifts for your loved one are ideal for you.


sex swing

Price: from 4000 rubles.

Not the most budgetary gift option, but the benefits and pleasure from it are more expensive than all riches. Sex swing will be an incredible paraphernalia for phenomenal sex. With them, you can experience previously unknown sensations, diversify sex and try inaccessible positions. Definitely, the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius and your man is boiling!

Erotic costume “Snow Maiden”

Price: from 1500 rubles.

Does he still not believe in the existence of the Snow Maiden? Surprise him by wearing a seductive snow maiden costume and take gifts with you: condoms, lubricants and other intimate accessories for the best sex of your life.

Unique calendar for a year with your photos

Price: from 5000 rubles.


A very bold and uninhibited gift that will surprise your loved one. Take high-quality pictures where you will be depicted in a variety of images: from a sexy goddess to a dangerous police officer. And order a personalized calendar with your photos. For a whole year, your man will watch every day and wait for the next month to admire you.