This is true?

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Yes! It is difficult to say what percentage of women can experience such an orgasm. In a study of 213 people, 29% confirmed that they had an orgasm from “sensations radiating in circles from the chest and nipples.” The real figure could be much lower.


However, many people love to play with breasts, whether it leads to the maximum point of pleasure or not. A survey of 4,500 members of one dating site showed that 63% of couples love such caresses.

There is also scientific evidence that such an orgasm is possible. A study using brain MRI scans showed that nipple stimulation activates the same areas of the brain that touching the vagina or clitoris does. This area is called the genital sensory cortex. So everything is possible!

Finally, nipple play promotes the release of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for feelings of intimacy and connection with a partner, reducing depression… and causing contractions during childbirth. Muscle contractions in the intimate area also occur during orgasm.


And how to get a nipple orgasm?

The slow path to enjoyment is the best way. A partner should not chaotically knead his chest, like a tipsy youth! Let him start with light circular movements with his fingertips, sometimes grabbing the nipples slightly.

The next action is to touch the nipples with a velvet or silk cloth, and then with a hard towel. You can apply a lubricant on the chest and massage it, draw a sponge with aromatic oil over the chest, apply ice or warm wax. And, of course, kissing, stroking, blowing on your chest to make you feel excited.

The partner can also rhythmically squeeze and release the chest, put your palms on it (an unexpected but pleasant sensation), put special clothespins on the nipples … There are many options!


Gradually, the excitement grows – and the chest can be lightly patted, stroked in different ways, pinched the nipples with your fingers and caressed with your tongue. Feel free to guide your partner by telling him what kind of caress you like best.

Some Features

If the partner wants to use harder caresses (eg, bondage), let him discuss this with you.

On some days (during your period, for example), you may find it unpleasant to play with your breasts, which become more sensitive.

The breasts are most receptive to caresses, as a rule, during the period around ovulation.