1. Stretching

It is necessary because the body will have to perform movements that are not always characteristic of it. A minute of warm-up is enough.

2. Music

Preparing musical accompaniment is an important task. If it’s two songs, make sure they play back to back.

3. Light

For an intimate dance, candles or subdued lights are suitable. Absolute darkness is not worth doing.

1. Comfortable shoes

Hairpins are fine too, if you’re sure you can dance on them for six minutes. Be sure to put on shoes and walk in them in advance, no one needs injuries.

2. Good clothes

Wear what seems appropriate to you and at the same time does not restrict movement. For example, revealing underwear, stockings and a light swinging robe on top. During the dance, you can gradually undress. And if you want to add an element of role-playing, dress up as a teacher or a she-devil!