[Внимание: текст содержит откровенные рекомендации по вопросам интимной жизни. Продолжая чтение, вы тем самым подтверждаете, что данная тематика не оскорбляет ваши чувства.]


What advice! This time, the brave experimenter was instructed to buy a donut to taste. Put it on your partner’s penis. And enjoy the miracle of culinary. Here is her story.


At first, I almost vomited. What-o-o do they want from me? In my opinion, there is no place for cakes THERE. Fu, what a mess.

But then I thought that if this got a gold medal at the Craziest Sex Advice Olympics, it should be tested for yourself.

I don’t know whose diseased brain came up with this, but now I can say that the man was a crazy sex genius. Because everything turned out to be very, very fun.

Of course, my boyfriend had to be persuaded, but in the end he agreed. And before you all say, “Ugh! God, what the hell are you writing here! – think. Sex is fun! Trying new things is great! Donuts are delicious! Triple win. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Believe me: before I saw this sex advice, it never crossed my mind. But all this has its own charm. This hole is in the middle. This sweet frosting.


And a reason, under a plausible pretext, to eat at night …


Donut: I bought a box of donuts from a store that I have never been to before and will never go there again. It seemed to me that everyone around knew why I was buying them: I even had sunglasses and a full-face cap with a visor.

From a set of donuts of different types, I chose the simplest, without multi-colored sprinkles and chocolate.

Mood: I salivate on the donut. It was hard to resist and not gobble it up ahead of time. Also, it was very funny.

Scene: bed. Listen, I already agreed to eat a donut from other people’s genitals, what else do I have to climb onto the roof for this?


We started kissing and kissing until his penis was ready for the unfortunate donut to be impaled on it. Here’s the problem: the hole in the donut was so small, and my boyfriend’s cock was so big. It is not clear, since this advice appeared, have members increased or donuts have decreased? Long story short, my friend just pulled this donut on himself and I’m surprised it didn’t fall apart.



Then there was almost ordinary oral sex, but with a donut on the penis and periodically interrupted by friendly laughter. I regretted choosing a donut without whipped cream: it would have been a delicious lubricant … although the usual icing was not bad. The task was greatly facilitated by the fact that my boyfriend prudently shaved below the waist, and the whole procedure turned out to be much more hygienic than I feared.

After it was all over, my boyfriend went back to reading Stephen King’s book, but I knew he couldn’t really concentrate on reading, remembering what had just happened.

That’s the whole point. Sex is wonderful and amazing when you’re with a loved one who knows how to approach you, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a little raisin. Or donuts.