The California Family Health Center registered 25,000 couples testing new condoms. Some of them agreed to talk to reporters.


Tina and Don (as our British colleagues called them) have been together for 20 years: they have known each other since school.

“Yes, I had to forget about spontaneity, – Tina admits. But we have more sex. Especially when the deadlines for testing are running out.”

Scientists from the RCSC and other similar centers are developing a new generation of condoms that significantly preserve and even enhance the sensations during intercourse and have other advantages. For example, the RCSC is developing a “self-fitting” condom that will fit any size.

And all because the volume of use in the world of “product number two” is depressingly small, and making this product more in demand is a matter of the health of all mankind.

The couples who are busy testing were selected among those who have been together for at least six months. Women have to keep using other contraceptives like pills or IUDs because the “product” may not be perfect – you know.


To be tested for “break and slip,” couples must have sex using a trial condom five to eight times. Instead of smoking, turning on their side and snoring sweetly, after sex they jump up and begin to conscientiously fill out a long questionnaire.

In the center they want to know everything to the last detail. Who wore a condom? What positions were used? Were both sober? Did the condom make any sounds? Have any of you experienced pain? Did both have orgasms? Is there any pubic hair stuck in the condom? No information will be superfluous for developers, they are interested in everything.

“The only difficulty of this job is to have sex on a schedule, says another tester, Brendan. – Like: Damn, it’s time for us to get down to business. I got tired of putting everything on the calendar all the time.”

“It was a little strange to write down how long the sex lasted. Are we good in bed or not?” – adds his wife Christina.

Well, not the worst job in this crazy world… Would you take one?

Based on the materials of the British “VOICE” based on The Guardian