What are condoms

skin-to-skin effect

Many couples complain that they cannot have sex with a condom because the unpleasant feeling of a foreign object in the female body makes it difficult to concentrate on the most important thing. And here condoms with the “skin to skin” effect come to the rescue, which are practically not felt!


Ribbed with dot structure

which condoms to choose

All condoms with a ribbed or dotted structure are designed to increase the stimulation of a woman (sometimes a man), in order to speed up orgasm and make sex more pleasant.

With extra lubrication

Killer dose lube condoms are the perfect solution for those girls who have trouble making their own lubrication.



Flavored condoms


Flavoring (banana, strawberry) is added to the lubricant of condoms, which fills the room with a pleasant sweet smell. True, initially the flavor was added only to eliminate the unpleasant smell of rubber, but bold lovers began to use them during oral sex. Do not forget that for such sexual pleasures there are other condoms – without spermicidal lubricant.



Maybe you are not sure that condoms are really strong and will not break at the most crucial moment? Then pay attention to thickened condoms. Manufacturers claim that the sensations are exactly the same as with conventional condoms, only these are more durable.

Extra thin

Again, thinner condoms do not mean less durable. A good choice for those who don’t want to lose their fun in the pursuit of safety.

Black color

Nothing fancy, just black condoms. But it is undeniable that such a choice is made by couples who want to diversify sex and add a little spice to their lives.

what are condoms


Big size

Many guys love their own penis so much that they take condoms that don’t fit. But such XXLs are designed for those boys whose dignity is really outstanding and does not fit into the standard size.


How to choose a condom in order to get a strong orgasm? The prolonging condoms are created for those couples who aspire to receive a simultaneous orgasm. Thanks to the anesthetic (benzocaine) inside the condoms, ejaculation in men slows down, and the ribs and pimples on the surface of the condom help increase stimulation and speed up the onset of orgasm in a woman.


Attention! The anesthetic may cause an allergic reaction. In this case, it is recommended to stop using condoms with anesthetic.



Luminous condoms

Funny, right? Just imagine a picture: pitch darkness, and somewhere there something very unusual shines. What’s this? Oh dear, how I’ve been waiting for you!

In general, if sex has become boring and somehow dull, luminous condoms for men are a definite choice! They need to be held under the lamp for about half a minute (while you are preparing for sex, for example), and then – time! — and laugh at a firefly for half an hour.


Liquid condoms

This is something new in the condom market. They were created by the inventor Jan Vinzenz Krause from Germany. This innovation has not yet received any feedback, but we will probably soon have a chance to try them on our own skin.

Using them will be simple: sprinkle a liquid condom on the penis, wait 30 seconds and get down to business. However, we do not know how long the effect will last.