1. Be calm

Libido largely depends on the chemical processes in the brain. Dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine contribute to arousal, but opioids and serotonin act in reverse. To enhance the influence of the right substances, it is recommended to do breathing exercises and meditate.


2. Extend the foreplay

Often people quickly move on to sex, but if you devote more time to foreplay, libido can be greatly increased. In addition, the vagina will produce more lubrication.

3. Try a new position

Sex shouldn’t be a chore, and finding new positions can be quite an adventure!

4. Know your body

Sounds funny, but have you studied your clitoris? If you learn more about your own anatomy, you can influence the libido.

5. Stop drinking

A study of 3,000 people showed that 11% of them can not have an orgasm, 7% hide sexual desire, and a third of women experience problems with libido. Alcohol is a powerful depressant and it’s best not to take it before sex.

6. Spend time together

Sometimes a romantic evening is enough to increase libido for several sexual visits.

7. Talk about sex

Perhaps the problem is that you subconsciously dislike something. If you discuss all the nuances, libido can improve on its own!