Can you swallow sperm?

When it comes to blowjob, ladies are not only interested in various techniques. Quite often the question arises, is it possible to try and swallow sperm, is it harmful to do so? Many myths and fears are associated with this male fluid, some are afraid of getting fat, and some are afraid of getting pregnant. And some believe that sperm will certainly help the skin become soft and toned. What of this is true and what is not, now we will figure it out.

Can you get pregnant if you swallow semen?

No need to smile, many people really believe that pregnancy can happen if you swallow sperm. This opinion belongs to the category of prejudice, because spermatozoa cannot enter the uterus in any way from the digestive tract.

Can you get better from semen if you swallow it?

Where did such a strange question come from? The fact is that there is a fairly common belief that sperm has a positive effect on skin health, due to its high nutritional value. True, scientists are in no hurry to confirm the usefulness, but semen does contain useful substances. These are calcium, fructose, vitamin B12, magnesium and zinc. And a teaspoon of semen contains as much vitamin C as an orange.

And what about calories, is it possible to get fat from sperm? This is unlikely, because a teaspoon of this product contains 6 mg of fat and 5-7 calories. Well, how can such a small amount affect the slimness of a lady?

Is it bad to swallow semen?

Most often, when they ask the question whether it is possible to swallow sperm, they are not interested in the usefulness of the liquid, but in its possible harmful effects. Indeed, by swallowing sperm, you can get a lot of unpleasant surprises, from HIV to thrush. Therefore, if the partner is random (new), then it is better not to experiment – the risk of infection during oral sex is much higher than during standard sexual intercourse. In addition to the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases, swallowing sperm does not pose any danger. Talk about the fact that because of the male hormones contained in semen, girls begin to grow mustaches, have no scientific evidence.

Do I need to swallow sperm?

Probably, it is more correct not to ask if it is possible to swallow sperm, but why do it? The answer is obvious, because men like it. True, not everyone, some absolutely do not care if a girl spit out sperm or not, and some are categorically against swallowing sperm. So, if for some reason you don’t feel like swallowing sperm, you shouldn’t choke just because your partner might like it. If your partner is so sensitive to this liquid, then get rid of the sperm in your mouth less noticeably. Instead of immediately running to the bath, quietly spit on a pre-prepared napkin.

How to swallow sperm correctly?

The question is quite interesting, of course, if you cannot swallow the sperm because of the unpleasant taste, and not for other reasons. In case of extreme rejection of this process, no techniques will help. So what is the right way to swallow semen that will help change the taste?

  1. Before a blowjob, you can eat a mint candy or candy. Mint will kill the unpleasant taste, and the feeling of chill on the skin will add piquancy to the process.
  2. To change the taste of sperm, you need to offer your man fruits (strawberries, pineapples, oranges) or juices more often.
  3. The easiest way to make the taste more palatable is to use flavored lubricants or use honey, cream,Is it harmful to swallow sperm chocolate syrup.
  4. Women who know how to give deep blowjobs don’t think about how to change the taste of sperm, they just don’t feel it. Taste buds are concentrated on the tongue, and if the sperm does not fall on it, then the taste is practically not felt.
  5. If the taste of semen seems bitter, then you should try the following way to swallow it. The receptors responsible for the sensation of bitterness are located on the back of the tongue. Therefore, if you hold the sperm in the front of your mouth, and then swallow quickly, then an unpleasant taste will not be felt.