1. Talk to a partner

Yes, this is the most common advice for solving problems, and it will come in handy here too. It will be difficult, but it is necessary to discuss the problem without a quarrel. It is important not to take the side of a partner who needs less, but to find a balance in the middle.


2. Change your perception

If he says he’s aroused and wants sex, you might be thinking, “Oh, he just needs a release again.” But if you replace this thought with “he loves me” or “he likes me”, the situation will immediately change!

3. Schedule sex

It may not be romantic, but if sex is scheduled, you are more likely to have it and prepare for the next time.

4. Just do it!

Even if there is no mood. Sounds silly, but desire can come along the way. Think about having sex with him to reconnect and improve the relationship, and the excitement will come by itself.

5. Share fantasies

Even if you’ve never done it before, now is the time! Tell him that you dreamed about him at work, that you figured out how to tie your hands to the head of the bed … Anything to surprise him and generate a desire to try!


6. Find out what turns him on

Even if it seems that you know everything about him to the smallest detail, the answers may be unexpected. And don’t forget to talk about yourself!

7. Think about sex differently

It doesn’t have to be vaginal, it doesn’t have to end in an orgasm, and don’t underestimate the importance of cuddling! Even non-touching activities (romantic dinner, reading a book out loud) can trigger desire.

8. Grow above yourself

People who have been together for many years may find sex boring because they already understand everything. In fact, the opposite is true: over the years, it requires more skills and imagination. So the main thing is to start, and then you yourself will not notice how there will be more sex and its quality will increase.