It is necessary to draw the penis into the mouth to half (so that there is no air left in the mouth, and the cheeks are almost closed), and then, without weakening the vacuum, sharply raise the head up. At the moment the penis slips out of the mouth, a characteristic “bang!” will be heard. Many men find this the sexiest sound during a blowjob. And this time, be really, really careful with your teeth.


“Purple Haze”

We learned about this technique at the Secrets Sex Education Center. And she can really drive your man crazy! With alternate squeezing movements of the palms, stimulate the base of the shaft of the penis, while sucking the dome of the head with your lips, touching the frenulum with your tongue. Then, unexpectedly for the man, abruptly stop the stimulation on the head, but at the same time to get the sound of “smack”. Hands continue to squeeze the base of the penis.

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Lubricant is sugar free, so you can use it for foreplay without a twinge of conscience! We chose it for its sweet and rich taste, and it also provides long lasting glide.

“The Magnificent Eight”

Place your lips on your cock and slowly move down – as deep as you can. Having reached the bottom point, draw a figure eight with your nose several times and rise back, without ceasing to write out the number eight. It is fundamentally important not to release the penis from the mouth.


You’ll love it: SHUNGA oral oil with a warming effect.


Apply lube to your penis or your tongue: it warms up your throat perfectly and increases your chances of success in the deep throat technique. It is enough to blow a little on the lubricant to enhance the warming effect.

“Butterfly wings”

A great way to start the morning in a good mood, and even better – try to wake your loved one in an unusual way! Orgasm is achieved very quickly. The main thing is to make sure that the teeth do not affect sensitive areas …

Just below the head of the penis there is an area called the crown. Beneath it is a very delicate vertical fold of skin – the most sensitive place on a man’s body. Lightly and quickly flutter your tongue up and down this crease, alternating the butterfly wings technique with the main one.


“Five Tactiles”

Spank member alternately on the lips-tongue-cheeks-chest-palm. This trick many men have seen in pornographic films, so visually it looks just incredible! In addition, he feels on himself several parts of your body at once, which all men like without false modesty.

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A massage candle is ideal for beautiful manual caresses. It does not burn at all, but on the contrary, warm oil can perfectly excite a loved one. By the way, to heighten the effect, apply massage oil to your chest. So that the man can see, of course! From one such spectacle, he will already be ready for new erotic feats.

“Valley of Happiness”

The Valley of Happiness is a lateral stimulation of the penis shaft, first with the back of the tongue, and then lateral stimulation with the suction movements of the foreskin.

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This lip gloss increases the sensitivity of the lips, visually increasing their volume: your lips become so seductive! Your man will definitely appreciate this beauty find: cover the erogenous zones of your beloved with kisses!