“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Idea – sex after a violent quarrel


Family life is not like sniffing daisies in the field. Sometimes marriage becomes a real battlefield! A vivid example of such an enchanting relationship can be considered Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who smashed the whole house, trying to destroy each other. Of course, if you and your man are not hired killers (better clarify this fact), then you should not use real weapons. But, as you know, “darlings scold – they only amuse themselves,” so after a quarrel, violent sex can follow! Adrenaline in the blood, injected after trying to kill each other, can significantly increase sexual attractiveness. Why not follow the lead of the explosive Mrs. Smith and the deadly handsome Mr. Smith?

“Yesterday Today Tomorrow”

Idea – home striptease


“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” is a movie that tells three stories. In the latter, called Mara, Sophia Loren’s character plays a prostitute whose regular client is the lustful son of the minister, Augusto Rusconi. The striptease scene caused a strong reaction among the audience, but became one of the film’s most significant moments. Why don’t you and your man recreate the famous scene at home? This is a great idea for a role-playing game, for example.

“40 days, 40 nights”

Idea – sex after a long abstinence



The hero of the film, Matt Sullivan, one day decides that he can no longer be given to one-time sex. The reason for this was the separation from the girl, who almost immediately successfully jumped out of marriage and was happy. We do not know what exactly plunged Matt into such despair, but after all the events he had some problems … To restore spiritual harmony, the guy decides to officially renounce any intimate relationships with women for forty days. Everything could go according to plan, but unfortunately, Matt meets a charming girl at the very beginning of his almost virginal journey, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep a promise every day.

To recreate the fire of passion in your bedroom, it is not necessary to give up sex for such a long time. But you can pretend! For example, that your man is a young boy with no experience with girls, and you are an insidious seductress. Or vice versa.


“Cruel Intentions”

Idea – sensual sex

If the scene from “40 Days” shows sex from the side of mutual passion, which intensifies with each day of abstinence, then the touching bed scene of the heroes of the film “Cruel Intentions” is full of such a charming atmosphere that one can involuntarily shed a tear. She is a loving and pure girl, and he is a “bad guy” who, before meeting her, did not know morality and rules of honor. But now everything has changed: love works wonders not only in our hearts, but also in our beds.



“American Beauty”

Idea – sex in the bathroom

Almost like Lolita, American Beauty depicts the longing of a man with a midlife crisis to his daughter’s young classmate. His fantasies can be adopted for your intimate life! The famous scene in the bathtub with rose petals quickly became one of the favorites for the sophisticated viewer’s eyes. We seem to have found the perfect option for a night of love on Valentine’s Day.


“Honest courtesan”

Idea – Deepthroat

No dowry can compare with the true art of love. This can be seen by looking at the painting “The Honest Courtesan”. With the help of her beauty, charm and natural mind, the main character easily takes over the minds, hearts and other causal places of men. The key scene of the film was the moment of the trial of the poor courtesan, where she showed all the evil wives with an easy maneuver what she “catches” men with. The banana scene has become iconic and worthy of recreating such tricks in the bedroom with the man you love. Show him clearly all your talents, let him enjoy this spectacle! It can drive you crazy, that’s for sure.