What many men would like in bed, but they are embarrassed to say? While you’re choosing between “threesomes” and “role-playing” answers, here’s a hint: initiatives from women! And this happens infrequently, but it leaves a bright trace in their memory, which is clear from these stories.

Be more assertive!  10 explicit stories of men about sex


  1. “I returned from work late, got angry, thought only about how to undress and go to bed. I open the door – and my wife is standing against the wall opposite in her underwear and sends me a kiss. I probably never ran into such a speed house!” Arseniy, 28 years old
  2. “Morning. Breakfast. Slowly drinking coffee. The girl comes up and sits on my lap, there’s nothing on her, I’m late … Yes, go to hell, this work!” Denis, 30 years old
  3. “It was our first weekend outside the city. We had a little fight, I went to the shower alone. I go out, and she is on the bed in all her glory!” Igor, 33 years old
  4. “We didn’t meet for long and decided not to rush to have sex. We met again, ate, went to the parking lot … She attacked me in the elevator with a long kiss! And when the doors opened, she whispered that she had no underwear. In general, we suddenly rushed to my house and made a path of clothes to the bedroom, like in the movies.” Mark, 29 years old
  5. “I woke up and found my wife on me! It turned out that she woke up earlier, saw my erection and acted with her as it should. I must say that I even dreamed about it.” Andrey, 28 years old
  6. “She suddenly appeared on the threshold, closed the door and began to undress. She was wearing very beautiful underwear. She told how her day went, as if nothing was happening, and then jumped on me.” Oleg, 33 years old
  7. “I thought she was at work, but it turned out she was at home waiting for me at the doorstep. It was unexpected and very pleasant.” Vadim, 28
  8. “I was on a business trip, and when I arrived, my relatives were visiting us. My wife took me to another room and said that she was looking forward to me and this impatience needs to be urgently taken care of.” Ilya, 27 years old
  9. “I did it like in a movie: I’m sitting, not touching anyone, my wife comes running and gives me a sudden blowjob. And it’s very cool!” Sergey, 29 years old
  10. “She knew that I once spied on her fun with sex toys and admired. I come home, and she is on the couch surrounded by toys. She gave me a whole performance.” Dmitry, 34 years old.