Anus whitening

Five to ten years ago, it never occurred to anyone that such a procedure as anal whitening. When piercings, tattoos and informal looks no longer surprise the public, the elite have an urgent need for something new that will make it possible to stand out from the crowd. Anus whitening has become the novelty that allows certain circles of society to emphasize their individuality and uniqueness.

Anus whitening is a complex cosmetic procedure. In the vastness of our country, there are practically no specialists who can confidently take up this business and guarantee a good result. Whitening of this intimate place is carried out in cosmetic centers in Western Europe and the USA. Abroad, the anus whitening procedure is performed with high quality, so those who want to whiten the anus should not save money, but go abroad.

Anus whitening consists in the complete removal of all vegetation around the anus and complete cleansing of the skin in this place. All dead cells are removed from the skin, and the epidermis is resurfaced. As a result, the client receives absolutely light and smooth skin in the anus. The procedure is performed under anesthesia in one session. Anus whitening is carried out with the help of special cosmetics – lotions and gels, the active substance in which is hydroquinone. This substance allows you to quickly and effectively remove almost any pigmentation on the human body. In order to consolidate the effect and keep your anus in the form it is in newborns, the client will need to follow certain recommendations of the cosmetologist for quite a long time. The anus will need to be treated with special creams, and even the shortest exposure to ultraviolet rays in the bleached area should be avoided. Even a few minutes spent in the sun can completely cross out all the work of foreign cosmetologists, which in a moment will return the anus to its usual form.

One of the first of our compatriots who decided on an anus whitening operation was Valery Leontiev. This step of the people’s artist made a lot of noise at the time. Valery chose an elite private clinic in Miami for the operation. After him, many well-known domestic representatives of show business became clients of this medical institution. The desire to stand out as much as possible and emphasize one’s belonging to the highest circles of society has made anus whitening a popular procedure among movie stars and “golden youth”.

Whitening the anus allows you to hide the fact that a person is celebrating his natural need, and this emphasizes his peculiarity. The absence of a dark spot around the anus allows you to show off even in the most revealing outfits and not feel constrained.

Anus whitening is expensive. The procedure itself will cost the client 1000-2000 dollars. But in addition to this money, you will have to pay a lot for staying in the clinic and flying. After the operation, it will be necessary to visit the beautician several times and follow all the recommendations that he will appoint.

Anus whitening procedure can be done at home. Some Anus whitening before and aftermanufacturers of cosmetic products offer special cream and lotions for whitening the anus at home. As a rule, such products are focused on combating any age spots. Whitening the anus at home can make the spot around the anus lighter, but it is impossible to completely get rid of it with a cream.

Before deciding on this specific procedure, you should weigh the pros and cons well. Life before and after anal whitening can be drastically different. Long-term discomfort, an individual daily routine, the rejection of many habits – all this awaits everyone who has decided on this difficult procedure.