Anal Sex Technique

anal sex technique

Anal sex, unlike classical and oral, is still a kind of taboo for many. Many are afraid of the consequences, but for others this kind of intercourse seems simply low and dirty. However, despite all this, sex shops successfully sell various anal toys, which suggests that these days it is by no means exotic.

Sex technique for women – preparation

First of all, the correct technique of sex begins with preparation. Without it, there will be discomfort, embarrassment, and a lot of everything else that will prevent you from enjoying the action itself.

First of all, forget what you’ve seen in pornography: the technique of anal sex for women is by no means that simple. First of all, you need preparation:

  • on the day when you plan to have anal sex, you should limit yourself to a meager diet of food;
  • a few hours before the action itself, it is worth making a small enema that will clean the lower intestine and solve the issue with the aesthetic component (there should be two enemas, and their composition is the simplest – water + a little salt);
  • it’s best to rehearse starting with either small butt plugs and vibrators, or your partner’s well lubricated finger. Only after several such workouts can you move on to anal sex;
  • for training, do not use objects unsuitable for this – they can go too deep inside and explain to the doctors how it happened, it will be awkward, and it is sometimes impossible to cope on your own;
  • stock up on lubricated condoms – this is necessary not only for you, but also for your partner, because the anus is full of unwanted bacteria.

The technique of having sex for the first time after all the measures you have taken will be much more pleasant. The main thing is to relax and stock up on a sufficient amount of specialized lubricants. By the way, if your partner has a thin penis, you will get more pleasure than if he has a large diameter.

Anal Sex Technique for Beginners

There are three main approaches to female behavior during intercourse, and to find something of your own, you should try them all.

  1. Minimum pressure. This is the simplest and safest technique - all you need is to relax and take in your partner as deeply as possible.
  2. Maximum pressure. This technique is somewhat more complicated - you need to squeeze the anus, which can give additional pleasure to the partner, but is somewhat unnatural for the body and can cause pain.
  3. Pushing. The most difficult technique for unforgettable sex, in which you push out your partner's penis (similar to how you push), and at the same time lean forward, helping yourself to remove the penis.

Do not be afraid that after this you will want to go to the toilet (however, this may not happen after an enema). It is important to be prepared for this and not be embarrassed. If pain occurs after intercourse, you can use a cream or simply perform contracting movements with the sphincter.

Please note that the description of the technique of sex for men is limited only to the concepts of gradual insertion and softness of movements, everything else depends on the woman.

Anal Sex Technique - Cautions

Do not forget that anal sex is still inorganic for a person, and a sense of proportion is important. If your partner has a small anal sex technique for womenmember, then you can have such sex once a month, and if the member is large (especially in diameter) - no more than once every two to three months. Otherwise, the consequences for you can be very different - from rectal prolapse to fecal incontinence. Yes, and more frequent enemas can seriously harm the body.

Proper and infrequent anal sex using lubricants and condoms cannot harm you, however, if you have some diseases, it is better to refuse this kind of love:

  • if you have diarrhea or constipation;
  • if you have hemorrhoids or anal fissure.

In these cases, the disease can worsen and lead to serious health problems.