1. Rider in the saddle

Let him sit on the bed, lean back slightly and lean on his hands, cross his legs. Kneel over him and slowly lower yourself, putting your hands on his shoulders. Move slowly, alternating movements back and forth and up and down, and when you get the taste – also in a circle. To make sensations brighter, you can use a vibrating ring on the penis.

2. Octopus

Ask him to sit down, lean back and lean on his hands, spread his legs. Your task is to sit facing him as close as possible and throw your legs on his shoulders. Rest your hands on the bed for balance. He does most of the work, but you also have everything under control. In addition, both of you can enjoy a pleasant view. And don’t forget to bring plenty of lube!

3. Sex accordion

Position for prepared! He lies on his back and raises his legs, you squat down, legs as if clasping his legs, hold his hands with your hands, then slowly sink down. The posture is quite stable and it will be comfortable for you to move. You will get even more pleasure if you put clips on your nipples.

4. Lap dance

He sits down on a sturdy chair with a back and spreads his legs slightly. You are on his lap, your legs are on his shoulders, your hands rest on his knees. In this position, you can move together, it is convenient for him to lightly hold your hips. You can increase the dose of pleasure if you use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris.

5. Sofa passions

He sits on the sofa or chair, you lie down on his knees, bend your legs and rest against the sofa, lean back, placing your hands on the floor for stability. In this, at first glance, not the most comfortable position, you can get a lot of pleasure! And be sure to use a vibrator.