Have you already stocked up on the symbol of the new year? If not, we recommend you this very functional monkey. This is an unusual vibrating bullet made of soft thermoplastic rubber. Its body is completely waterproof, which allows you to use a female sex toy even in the shower. The miniature size of the stimulator and the silent motor make it completely invisible. The original design of the vibrating bullet will appeal to fans of unusual things.

We always associate the New Year with warmth and comfort, a fireplace and heating pads. Inside this ceramic phallus, you can pour hot or chilled water and enjoy the unique thermal stimulation, which will add vivid sensations to the process. Ceramic erotic toy keeps temperature for 20 minutes. A specially curved head is designed for the most effective stimulation of the G-spot. Warm lamp sex under a blanket!

If the snowflake doesn’t melt… This one definitely won’t! And your New Year’s sex will be just endless. The stimulator is made of high quality material, it stretches perfectly and can be used by any man, regardless of the size of the penis. The massager is endowed with a spectacular appearance, and the surface of this adult toy is covered with small bumps and balls for additional stimulation of the partner’s perineum. The ring must be worn on an erect penis immediately before sexual intercourse.

The New Year starts with you! How about decorating yourself? Of course, such a decoration is for the most daring and uninhibited, but it really guarantees you an unforgettable night! The cork has a perfectly smooth seamless surface and a narrowed head, which will provide the most pleasant and comfortable insertion. The restrictive base will make it safe to use this best sex toy.

S-Line Beasty Toys Rockin Reindeer

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that cannot be taken seriously. And a bit of humor in New Year’s sex also does not fit: we hope your partner shares this point of view. Because if not, then you may miss the opportunity to try such a miracle device in the form of a deer. The vibro-element in his horns allows not only a man, but also a woman to enjoy. Hohoho!

New Year and tangerines, you say? Tangerines are so tangerines. For the most New Year’s Eve sex, use a tangerine-flavored lubricant. Lubricant perfectly moisturizes and is suitable not only as a lubricant for vaginal sex, but also for oral sex. Pamper yourself and your partner. Toko Aroma is easy to apply, protects and nourishes your skin, provides maximum glide for a long period of time, giving you real bliss.

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