“He was exactly like the picture on the dating app: incredibly charming, with “cubes” and muscles. A mischievous gleam danced in his eyes. I was sure that sex with him would be wonderful, but I could not imagine that his most powerful sexual fantasy does not include himself!


We dated for a couple of weeks, and one day he confessed how much the fantasy turns him on about how I sleep with another guy, and he looks at us. It was the idea that I have an orgasm with another, jealousy builds up in him – and he also gets a discharge. He explained that it was such a fashionable fetish.

At that moment, I could not fulfill his dream, because I did not like it. I only wanted to have sex with him. But on the other hand, I could describe sex with other men to him – oh, I know a lot about such conversations!

One day I remembered having sex with an ex who had a big penis. I said that we had sex in the car, and so hard that I screamed. This story turned him on.

After a couple of months of “sex with fairy tales”, he suggested that I go to a swinger club. I have always loved trying new things and I have seen how much he enjoys stories. And we decided to go – and leave if I feel uncomfortable.


I put on a mini-skirt and a see-through blouse, through which you could see the juices. He said that all the men in the club would be mine.

The air smelled of sex, such a characteristic mixture of smells. We drank a cocktail and started looking at people until I chose a man in his 40s with a tattoo on his shoulder. He seemed likeable. My partner stepped back and I called the guy with us into the private room.

Passion quickly flared up. The stranger clung to my chest and caressed my nipples, then went down below. He began to finger me and gently touch the clitoris with his tongue. All this time I was looking at my partner, who was very aroused.

I felt like a porn star and started working for a camera

We undressed, he nodded – they say, continue. And we had sex. I felt like a porn star and started working for the camera, moving harder and moaning.


We all had orgasms at the same time, and my partner took me to another private room. He pressed me against the wall, kissed me, told me how much he wanted me – and we quickly reached a second orgasm.

…We went to the club six times already. Being part of someone else’s fantasy is risky and weird, but I feel more desirable than before and am glad to know that I have complete control over his pleasure. In all senses”.