Of course, this is not a real boyfriend – he will not bring you medicine if you get sick, he will not give you a massage when you are tired. It generally exists only within the YouTube channel. But first things first. We will tell you about a new trend in the world of ASMR (and we will also tell you what “ASMR” is) – “aggressive boyfriend”.


What do women desire

It is hardly a surprise to anyone that some women fantasize about being raped, threatened or kidnapped. Fantasies – that’s what they are fantasies to remain in our cranium. But demand creates supply, so soon, in addition to watching porn and reading erotic stories, there was another relatively safe way to bring your fantasy to life.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and behind the horrendous jumble of words lies a simple but curious phenomenon.

Have you ever had a sound or someone’s quiet voice give you goosebumps? This is an ASMR experience. When you experience spicy pleasure that is not sexual in nature. It is also called “braingasm” by analogy with orgasm – but only what happens in the head.


In order to cause goosebumps, YouTube bloggers use their own quiet voice or the so-called “triggers”: the rustling of paper, the light clicking sounds of nails on the surface, the sound of drops, the clicking of branches in a fire … Yes, the 30-40 minute video consists entirely of from such sounds or whispers.

According to a 2015 study by Emma Barratt and Nick Davies of Swansea University in the UK, more than half of the 475 participants surveyed reported enjoying whispers (75%), personal attention (69%), crunchy sounds such as foils – (64%) or soft movements (53%).

Yes, ASMR is not always just sounds. Sometimes it is also visual stimuli. For example, some people like to watch someone cut glycerin soap:

Voice ASMR is divided into unintelligible whispers and personal attention. The latter is a role-playing game in which the ASMRtist pretends to be a beautician, a doctor, a shop assistant, or a hairdresser. The idea is that he demonstrates his concern for you in every possible way, calls listeners affectionate words and does everything so that they have the feeling that all this is addressed to him.



Audio porn

98% of people use ASMR solely for relaxation: some listen to videos to fall asleep faster or switch off after a tiring day at work. But the remaining couple of percent also receive sexual pleasure.
This is how the direction of “whispering lovers” appeared – ASMRists who portray boyfriends or female listeners. Often such videos are very innocent: the ASMRtist discusses where you can go together, tells how lucky he (she) is with you, how he (she) wants to please you: make coffee, bring your favorite book, cover with a blanket.
Here, for example, is a video of one of the ASMR girls, where she says “good morning” to her beloved:

“Evil” ASMR

The emergence of an alternative ASMR was a matter of time. And now virtual boyfriends began to appear on the Web, who, instead of affectionate words, insult listeners, threaten them, get jealous or tell how they will kidnap her and take her away.


The most surprising thing is that not boys, but girls became the trendsetters of this direction. And while on traditional ASMR channels, beautiful girls tell men how wonderful they are, women demand that ASMR men, on the contrary, be rude. Jealous and threatened. ASMRist CJ Lennox says that listeners suggest scenarios with violence in the comments to his cute videos.
His videos, where he resorts to light threats, received twice as many views as those where he is constantly gentle.

Why is this happening

The reason for this is the very female gender socialization – for many women, sex is associated with aggression and submission. A psychopathic boyfriend who can’t and doesn’t want to keep himself in line is scary. But if this is not a real person, but just an actor, who, moreover, is not next to you, but thousands of kilometers away (you see him on the screen, hear his voice, but you know that you are safe, because he does not even know that you are watching his video) is safe.

There is nothing wrong with fantasies – very few people would like to make them come true.