1. Conversation in a restaurant or cinema

Whisper in his ear what you want to do at home. If you choose the right moment and intonation, everything will work out! For the brave, add a touch with your fingers.


2. Kiss

Yes, yes, ordinary kisses, especially sudden ones, inflame the imagination and literally work wonders.

3. All for show

Get undressed and move so that your chest moves too. Before oral sex, you can arouse yourself with a vibrator or a hand in front of him.

4. Tighten up

During sex, tighten your intimate muscles, take your partner by the hips and pull them closer to you. Pick up the pace and keep working together.

5. Beautiful underwear

Sometimes carefully selected clothing excites more than its absence!

6. Erotic photo

This method is suitable if you want to warm him up while he is at work or driving home. One or two shots and you’re done.

7. Show your desire

Touch it in different places, give it a massage, say a few kind words – who said that men don’t like it?


8. Don’t close the curtains

He does not need to know that the neighbors have left for the evening or that without a light in the window, nothing can be seen anyway. The opportunity to be noticed excites many.

9. Petting in a taxi

Yes, the driver can see it in the rear view mirror. But you can come up with a position in which almost nothing will be noticeable!

Photo: Shutterstock