1. Get naked in front of a mirror

Is there anyone sexier in the world than you? Hardly! Remind yourself of this in the most natural way.


2. Or get dressed

Beautiful revealing lingerie helps to see yourself in a slightly different light – and excites.

3. Look for new sex toys

The very viewing of pictures and videos can please. And if you also read the reviews, and then order the most interesting ones, you can get a lot of pleasant emotions in anticipation.

4. Listen to music

But not any, but the one that you associate with sex or for which a provocative clip was shot.

5. Read candid blogs

On sites where adults communicate, it is easy to find interesting content marked “18+”. The stories are good too.

6. Take a shower and walk

Feel incredibly attractive in a sexual sense.

7. Remember the past

The coolest sex in youth or the most pleasant memory from communicating with a partner.

8. Dance alone

If it matches the mood. Feel every cell in your body.

9. Watch porn

This, of course, is one of the surest ways, but for some reason many are shy, and this is completely useless!