Why are you crap? Much better to choose sweets. Stock up on Halloween fruit-flavored lubricants or, if you’ve been wanting to try food play for a long time, but still can’t, take some whipped cream or chocolate syrup – and then connect your imagination. You know exactly what parts of your boyfriend you want to make sweet.

Evening BDSM

BDSM this night is also very suitable. Which direction is up to you. You can, for example, tie your boyfriend’s wrists, like the heroine of King’s novel Misery, or offer him to tie you.
Another option is spanking. If you’ve been a bad girl, offer your partner to spank you or spank him yourself.

PS If you like the idea of ​​bringing King’s novels to life, don’t choose Gerald’s Game. Just friendly advice.

halloween pose

If you want a fun change, choose a well-known pose, but beat it in a new way. Get in character, so to speak. And our material will help you with this.

Color yourself

In addition to the costume, you can also add make-up to your look: either buy water makeup for children in any hobby store, or use temporary tattoos – in this case, your look will be even more exotic.
By the way, here you will find a step-by-step recipe on how to create a look using only 3 beauty tools, and here are some Halloween makeup tips.