One-night-stand romances are a good time plus the loss of time to sleep. And if you didn’t like each other too much, such episodes do not occupy the best place in memory. Here are the memories of men about such adventures.

“I could have called!”: 9 stories of men about sex for one night


  1. “I had perfect sex. We met on a business trip, the night was beautiful, a strong relationship was established, but we both knew that everything would end tomorrow. I remember her, but she probably forgot about me a long time ago,” Timur, 25 years old.
  2. “We met at a party, she was very pleasant both externally and in conversation. Then she invited me to her place (she lived nearby), we had great sex, after which I left. I don’t remember her name, I wanted to meet later, but it didn’t work out ”, — Boris, 27 years old.
  3. “She came to me to buy a laptop. We had a good evening, and then a night. And in the morning she disappeared,” Igor, 27 years old.
  4. “She wanted to forget the guy she had just broken up with. I understood and accepted. Only sex and nothing else,” Denis, 26 years old.
  5. “I was meeting with friends, and then one girl invited us to visit. She had a pretty neighbor with whom I spent a great night,” Ruslan, 26 years old.
  6. “Technically it was sex for two nights. But we didn’t break up and then didn’t see each other again, so you can count. I went to visit a friend in a neighboring city. I met his ex at a party, she invited me to her place. didn’t get out of bed, even ate right in bed. And it was great! I left her my phone number, but she didn’t look for me “- Stepan, 28 years old.
  7. “I traveled around another country, met a girl, we had a great night. When I left, I realized that I had left my watch with her, I wanted to return, but I thought: let it be a gift. She could have found me, but she did not”, — Vadim, 29 years old.
  8. “I went through a difficult breakup with a fiancee who just left one day. I was depressed. A couple of weeks later I agreed to go out to a bar with friends. I met a girl there, we flirted, I told her about the past. Yes, it was unsuccessfully, but I could not remain silent. We spent only one night together, but I realized that life does not end with parting, ”- Grigory, 28 years old.
  9. “I had such an experience only once. I didn’t like it. I knew it before, but now I’m convinced. She was very attractive, and we were very different. We had sex until the morning, then sat on the roof and parted forever, ” Dmitry, 26 years old.

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