The cowgirl position is deservedly loved by many women because it is quite easy to get an orgasm in it without resorting to additional tricks. But sometimes it’s not clear how to move correctly so that you both like it. Here is what men advise based on their own experience.

“Look at me, he said!”: 9 tips for men about the cowgirl position


  1. “I love it when she does everything for her orgasm. It turns me on so much! She doesn’t have to do anything special, we usually get an orgasm at the same time.” Maxim, 30 years old
  2. “There is no need to rush, this is not the best plan. Move slowly, rotate your hips in a circle, do not forget about your pleasure. The angle between the bodies is also important, but here I can already tell you.” Vadim, 34 years old
  3. “I love it when she puts her hands on my chest to keep her balance.” Yuri, 28 years old
  4. “Move your hips, not your legs, bend over for a kiss – and then it will add up.” Eugene, 29 years old
  5. “My advice is suitable for any position: look at the partner’s reaction, listen to the sounds, look in the face. If you do everything right, it will be written! Moreover, you have so many options that one will definitely work.” Dmitry, 34 years old
  6. “Put your hands on your chest, it’s so exciting!” Semyon, 33 years old
  7. “Do not forget to move rhythmically so that the erection does not disappear. The accompanying movements are important, but there are also the main ones.” Egor, 27 years old
  8. “Don’t even think about how you look: in this position you are always beautiful.” Michael, 31
  9. “Do what you think is right. Men like literally everything in this position, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Denis, 35 years old.