These 9 sex games will make foreplay truly exciting and thoroughly warm you up before sex!


1. Clockwork

Take a kitchen timer and set the interval to, say, 15 minutes. During this time, you can do whatever you want – kissing, hugging, touching each other, but until the signal sounds, penetration is strictly prohibited!

2. Blindfolded

Let him strip you naked, put you on the bed, and then take a tie or handkerchief and blindfold you. After that, let him slowly tease you with kisses and strokes all over your body. Thanks to the blindfold, your sensations will intensify many times over!

3. Tied hands

He ties your arms and legs to the bed. If the bed does not allow, you can at least cuff your hands behind your back with handcuffs. Then let him do whatever he wants with you. Can be combined with point 2.


4. Bad girl

Tell him about your sins today. Then take off your clothes, get on your knees and let him give your ass a good spanking. Piquant tingling of the buttocks will give you new sensations during sex.

5. Massage oil

Take a large towel, a bottle of massage oil and give each other an erotic massage, generously lubricating each other with oil. You will be surprised how massage oil changes sensations.

6. Shaving accessories

Get a razor and shaving gel and let him shave your bikini area. It will be an incredible experience for him, and then you can take a bath together and play with whipped cream on a freshly shaved area!

7. Playing cards

Take a deck of cards and draw one card at a time from the deck. Give each suit its own sexual meaning: for example, diamonds mean kisses, spades mean massage, clubs mean manual stimulation, and hearts mean mouth. Let the number on the map mean the duration of the task in minutes.


8. Truth or Dare

The classic game needs to be translated into a sexual plane, asking each other provocative questions and coming up with spicy tasks in case of a wrong answer. It’s fun and allows you to get to know each other better.

9. Your first teacher

You act as a virgin, and he – as an experienced sex instructor. He should teach you all the intricacies of sex, giving you clear instructions that you must follow, and then show you a master class, commenting on all his actions in the process.