Kiss of the surging wave

This is the most sudden kiss-a challenge, a kiss-feeling. Such kisses happen to those who did not plan anything special, but passion surged, and they did not have enough strength to fight. And is it necessary to deal with such emotions? Despite the fact that such a kiss requires drama, it is worth imagining yourself, finally, as the heroine of a real love adventure, where there is no time for unnecessary thoughts. We must act, and act immediately.


Virgin-beautiful kiss

Like the first kiss of youth, destined to flare up into a real flame of passion. It starts with innocent looks and indecision. Thoughts flash: “What if? ..” This kiss starts with light touches of the lips, quite slowly and timidly. Which of you will not be the first to stand it and will give up in a fit of love, continuing the kiss more confidently and stronger?

wet kiss

No, this is not about profuse salivation, but about sensual, moist, slightly moistened lips. Gently rub your wet lips against the lips of your beloved man, without using your tongue. Slowly but surely continue kissing and enjoy the fireworks of bright emotions.

Kiss of the Snow Queen

To give each other a truly unusual feeling, you can play on the contrasts of hot and cold. When your man drinks hot tea or coffee, put an ice cube in your mouth or take a sip of a cold drink. And kiss him, kiss him! The combination of different temperatures will help to achieve an amazing effect and greatly invigorate a man.


Sugar pleasure

An alternative to a contrasting ice kiss is a sweet kiss. Make it unforgettable by sprinkling powdered sugar on wet lips or eating a piece of sweet dessert. It can turn into a real cooking game: use different sweets so that he can guess them by tasting them with a kiss! The main thing is to choose sweets that your man likes: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon or coconut.

Rain of kisses

Hallelujah! Do not set territorial limits for kissing for yourself, but cover the entire body of your beloved man with your lips: start with the face, continue with kisses of the neck, chest, even kiss your fingers. Such an avalanche of tenderness will not be forgotten by any man.

Kiss with aggression

Get ready to bite a lot! Of course, you should not hurt your beloved man with such a passion, you can only lightly bite his lips or earlobes, showing a frantic passion and desire to move on to sex as soon as possible. Such an impulse can cause a strong excitement in a man and, as a result, cool sex!


Eskimo kiss

Such a touching and tender kiss is the love of the Eskimos. Rub the tip of your nose on your loved one’s nose. It can bring a little humor and childish spontaneity to intimate life and expresses deep affection for a person. And then you can add peppercorns. Kiss so that you can keep warm even during the cold season.