1. Let it be a first course, not an appetizer

You probably won’t like it if your partner does cunnilingus for 10 seconds and then returns to other activities. So he is not too pleased with three easy movements! Spend enough time massaging and stroking in the intimate area, make this moment unforgettable.


2. Use natural lubrication

That is saliva. Yes, it dries quickly, but it’s uncomfortable without a lubricant at all, and artificial ones don’t always give the right sensations (although, of course, you can use them too).

3. Make a combo

It is not at all necessary to do all the work only with your hands, the usual caresses with your mouth are also welcome.

4. Make a surprise

Of course, you should not do such things in public, but when, for example, you are sitting on the couch and he does not suspect anything, it is very possible.

5. Set the mood

During manual caresses, you can say erotic nonsense that will excite him.

6. Keep the fire going

Place your thumb and forefinger around the base of his penis to keep the erection going.

7. Caress with your fingers

Gentle movements and light touches can be very pleasant, especially if they are unexpected. Apply lubricant to the pads for better glide.

8. Ask him what he likes

Communication is the best way to understand your partner, and that goes for sex too. If you are embarrassed to ask, read the signals he sends.