“Yes, they have one thing in mind!” some ladies say. Ha ha, optimists! Author VOICE admits that it is not so rare that a man looks for an excuse to slip out of the arms of even the most beloved and desired woman in order to …

8 things men sometimes prefer to sex

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  1. Sleep. It is unlikely that there will be at least one guy who honestly says: “Well, no, thanks. I’d rather curl up and take a nap than have sex with my lover.” But the one who spends nights preparing for exams or plows like Papa Carlo knows perfectly well what it is like when you can keep your eyelids open only with your fingers and then not for long. Even if you’re having sex. And then you end up in bed with a naked woman… and pass out. Well, it’s okay, there is a chance to catch up in the morning, having a good rest.
  2. Eat. Sex is a physical activity, and on an empty stomach we are of little use. If your stomach grumbles, then before your eyes there is a vision of a huge pizza, and not a languid beauty.
  3. Masturbate. Let’s tell the truth: sex requires effort, time, attention in relation to the partner and hugs after. There is not always the strength and desire for this. Sometimes it’s easier to twitch in a quick way, turn on your side and snore. It’s not glamorous or sexy, but sometimes you don’t need someone else to orgasm.
  4. Get crazy money from nowhere. If you let the genie out of the bottle and he offered you a choice: always have as much money as you want, or as much sex – who would choose what? If a man thinks about it, it’s not a fact that he will choose sex, right?
  5. Get a blowjob. Just don’t talk about selfishness: sometimes everyone just wants to get high and do nothing in return.
  6. Just lie down and watch TV. Maybe he is sick and tired, or maybe he just prefers watching TV to human contacts. The former is more likely, but we’re living in an era where people write fanfiction in which My Little Ponies meets House M.D. characters, so who knows.
  7. Drive a helicopter. I know how it sounds, but I’ve had sex before. This is great. But I’ve never flown in a helicopter. I can’t imagine that a guy was offered to try to do something cool, but he’s like: no, I’d rather have sex. That is, this does not apply to professional helicopter pilots: for them this is not an adventure, but a regular job. Maybe. I don’t know, I’ve never flown in a helicopter.
  8. Post a comment under this article that this list is stupid and in fact the entire male part of the VOICE audience are sex gods always ready for sex exploits, and some virgin wrote all this, or he has problems with this business. No, just an ordinary guy.