“Not strong” is not a sentence. Humans are learning beings. But if your other half behaves as described here, then he is an applicant, not a professor. You’ll have to take a good look at his sexual education.

8 Signs He's Not Great at Oral Sex

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  1. Just at the moment when you started to enjoy what he was doing, he takes and changes tactics. You just felt that you were already on the very edge – and then he starts moving his tongue left and right instead of continuing to draw circles. You practically scream for him not to stop, but it’s too late, everything has failed. And he looks at you in bewilderment with an expression on his face: “What did I do?”
  2. He states that he “doesn’t do that.” Which, of course, is stupid, unless he has some kind of psychological trauma associated with it.
  3. He always raises his head and asks: “Are you okay? So is it good?” Now is not the time for ratings!
  4. He asks: “Is it here?” – poking you in the navel. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating. But this guy makes you remember all those times when you got lost in an unfamiliar city and frantically searched for your hotel, asking passers-by where you are.
  5. He does it without due enthusiasm. Perhaps the whole point is that he has to spend time figuring out what to do and energy not to panic.
  6. He can’t seem to get comfortable. He turns around on the mattress like in a frying pan, because he doesn’t know how to lie down properly, and this discourages you, because you start to think more about whether his neck is tired than about your pleasure.
  7. He keeps asking, “What do you want me to do?” Or: “How do you like it?” He tries to say it in a seductive tone, but at the same time he looks like you have a time bomb there, and he urgently needs to choose: blue or red? Red or blue?
  8. He asks you if you would like to do mutual masturbation instead. By itself, this is a good way, but not when offered with a sigh, meaning: “I give up.” In fact, he decided to step back and leave you to do everything yourself.