1. Sex with the boss

Role-playing games are built on overcoming prohibitions. So fantasies about sex at work are perhaps the most common. Put on an office suit, ask your partner to tie a tie. To enter the role, have sex not on the bed, but on the table, preferably filled with office things: folders, papers, laptop… The main thing is to put sharpened pencils away!


2. Masseur

Even if you have massaged him more than once, this process can be turned into a sexual adventure. Lay him down on the couch, take some massage oil, and pay attention to different parts of his body until he stops holding back. Then switch roles.

3. Aliens

If there is no fancy dress and you don’t want to wrap yourself in the first sheet that comes across, it doesn’t matter. Let him be an alien who came to Earth and knows nothing about sex. Teach him!

4. Strangers

Imagine that you barely know each other. Explore each other’s bodies as if you’ve never seen them before, and you just happen to be in the same bed. If you enter the role, both of you will enjoy sex with a stranger, and will not worry that the next morning the partner will run away forever.


5. Doctor and patient

This scenario is loved by many because it has an authoritative character with the right to touch the “patient”. A white robe will come in handy for the game. If you’re playing the doctor, explain to the patient that a normal side effect of the “examination” is an urgent desire to have sex with the doctor.

6. First time

Not everyone has it pleasant, but you have every chance to make your dream of a perfect first sex come true. Put on the music that was then popular, reproduce food and drinks… Only now you have more experience, and your partner is definitely your favorite!

7. Yoga class

Even if you’ve never tried it, it doesn’t matter. You can always come up with your own position, which is suitable for sex. If you get used to the role well, you can get a lot of fun!

8. King and Queen

To transform into monarchs (albeit within your own bedroom), you can not look for expensive outfits, but start with emphatically respectful communication. Imagine yourself in the place of certain royals, and then everything will go like clockwork.